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President of Cuba & Medal ribbons.

Kev in Deva

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Ah... Heinrich Himmler impersonating Walt Disney. This must have been at yesterday's Half Century Of Dictatorship fest. Me sainted Ma got a flash on our benighted TV and this looks like what was described to me.

Raul seems to have settled down on these as his permanent/final ribbon bars.

He does look a right jolly old elf for a secret police butcher, doesn't he?


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Maximo Gomez 1st Class (twice), Camilo Cienfuegos, Combatant of War of Liberation 1st

17th of July (Agriculture !!!!), Exemplary Service RAF, Medal for Combatants of Liberation, Clandestine Struggle

Column 1 Jos? Marti, Medal Eliso Reyes, Struggle Against Bandits, 30th RAF

40th RAF, Order of Lenin, Order of October Revolution, Ho Chi Minh (?)

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1. Orden "M?ximo G?mez" (I); Orden "M?ximo G?mez" (I); Orden "Camilo Cienfuegos"; Orden "Combatiente de la Guerra de Liberaci?n" (I);

2. Orden "17 de Mayo" ; Medalla "Por Servicio Ejemplar en FAR"; Medalla "Combatiente de la Guerra de Liberaci?n" ; Medalla " Combatiente de la Lucha Clandestina"

3.Medalla "Combatiente de la Columna Uno Jos? Mart?"; Medalla "Eliseo Reyes" (I); Medalla "Fraternidad Combativa"; Medalla Commemorativa "30 Anniversario de FAR"

4.Medalla Conmemorativa "40 Aniversario de FAR"; Order of Lenin (1979); Order of the October Revolution (1981); Medalla ?100th Birthday of Lenin; Ho Chi Minh Order

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