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A Husar?s painting...but who is it?

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Hello gents,

a friend asked me for my help again. He sent me pictures from a painting,

he just got from an auction (his wife asked him to place a bid on it :rolleyes: ).

But who is the painted Husar?

On the lower right corner there is the signature "Untermalt von Gr?fin von Geldern-Egmont".

He is wearing

- order of the crown 2nd class

- Johanniter-Order Rechtritter

- SEHO Komtur-cross

- house-order Lippe 2nd class

and on his medalbar:

- iron cross 2nd class 1870 with oakleaves

- red eagle order 3th class with bow-style ribbon

- cross for long service 25 years Prussia

- medal for war 1870/71 with four clasps

- Century medal

- Baden Zaehringer lion

- order of the iron crown Austria

- foreign order (Bulgaria? Italy?)

I thought, it would be easy to ID this Husar, especially because of the Lippe order.

And I have a guess, but would like to hear some opinions about this man and your guess.

Thank you in advance for your help

Best regards


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It has to be

Eugen von Homeyer

born Darsin 28 September 1843

according to the 1908/09 Orders Almanac Oberst aD Husaren Regiment 5

but he had retired BEFORE 1897-- not in that year's Rank List

and his awards as listed as of 1908 were these BUT

KO3 not KO2, ordinary member JO and not Commander

the final awards are BZ3a, ?EK3, and Norwegian (No Norway until 1906!!! ???) St. Olaf-Knight 1st

Von Homeyer received the SLH2 on 15 May 1893 as "Oberstlieutenant" (typical of the Schaumburg "Roll" with NO UNIT).

So has to be him...

with changes to awards AFTER he had retired... whenever that was....

This one derailed me at first trying to match the uniform to somebody ON ACTIVE DUTY for that 1897 Medal. Never occurred to me it was an old RETIRED guy dressed up in full EX-uniform.Should have just looked for the awards combination to begin with.

Tricksy. Tricksy.

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It's not magic--

It's months of laboriously typing out handwritten Sutterlin award rolls and then more months of equally tedious back-filling of data. (Research Gnomes don't get out much.)

Lippe-Detmold and Schaumburg-Lippe will be published later this year and then evvvvvvvvvvvvverybody can do this.

It all comes down to having the reference books on hand. :catjava:

Just be glad none of YOU have to do all that typing! :speechless1: :cheeky:

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