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Hauptmann Ernst Gehrts, Sachsisches Fussart. Rgt. 12

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Some time ago, I bought a very nice St. Heinrich knightscross grouping to Hauptmann Ernst Gehrts, Sachsisches Fussart. Regt. 12, from fellow forum member Andreas SI. I?m looking to complete the sketchy biographical and awards date gathered sofar. The info I have sofar is the following:

Ernst-G?nther Gehrts from 1. S?chsischen Fu?artillerie-Regiment Nr. 12. His last rank was Hauptmann.

Born 25.5.91 in Gl?ckstadt, Bezirk Schleswig.

F?hnrich: 4.11.09

Leutnant: 24.8.10 (Patent of 15.8.08 J)

Oberleutnant: 16.5.15

Hauptmann: 30.11.17 E

Awarded the Knight's Cross of the Milit?r-St. Heinrichs-Orden on 2.6.17 as F?hrer of 5./Reserve-Fu?artillerie-Regiment Nr. 12 for action during the battle of Arras on 9.4.17.

1937 he rejoined the army.

I?ve found some information indicating that a Ernst-G?nther Gehrts served in the SA as SA-Standartenf?hrer (and from 20.04.1935 SA-Oberstandartenf?hrer), but I don?t know whether that is the same man (one of hte Urkunden that came with the grouping does refer to th recipiet as Ernst G?nther Gehrts, however, so it may well be the same man).

As to awards, I know from the grouping that Gehrts received the knightscross of St. Henry, the Saxon Verdienstorden Knight second class with swords, the Saxon Albrechtsorden, 2.nd class with swords, and the Bavarian MVO 4 with Swords. It seems likely he also received an EK II and EK I, but I have not been able to confirm this.

Any information you may be able to provide in addition to the foregoing is much appreciated. And if someone has a pair of shoulderboards for a (Ober)leutnant in Saxon Fussart. Regt 12 on offer, I?ll be interested.

Incidentally, I visited Berlin last week and too quite a number of pics of the Neil O' Connor exhibit at the Deutsche Technikmusuem. If anyone is interested in some of the (reconstructed) groupings on display, please let me know, and I will post some pics (haven?t checked how much of hte collection is already on show at GMiC. If it is all on the Forum, there is of course no need for me to duplicate).

Best wishes for the new year, and thanks in advance for your help,


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He apparently spent the entire war in Reserve Fussartillerie Regiment 12 according to the late Erhard Roth's Saxon officer research

SV3bX on 31.05.16

SA3bX on 30.10.15

He was not listed in the 1935 Wer Ist's, nor was he listed as an SA Leader in Saxony in the 1934 "New Saxony" state handbook.

It wasn't him who returned to Wehrmacht service as an (E) officer. That was a signals branch officer, a Dr. Gehrts who was a Hauptmann (E) 01.04.34 #100 on Staff of IV. Armeekorps in Dresden in 1939 and ended up as an Oberstleutnant (S) 01.01.44 #56.

Your Gehrts may have gone back into the army as an "invisible" dR or zV officer...

but I find absolutely no paper trail for him. :(

PS from the January 1916 date of his BMV4X ( :cheers: previously unknown) he should have gotten a GOLD centered one.

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Many thanks, Rick, excellent info as always. :cheers:

I wil update the fact sheet to reflect this information, and will subject the MVO4 to closer inspecting in the next few days. In the meantime, here are the pics of the reverse of the set Andreas sent me.



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I promised Rick some further pics of this grouping, so here it goes.

First, a pic of the grouping showing how it will be displayed (I?m waiting to receive an A2 sized mount that will allow me to include the urkunden in the display). The maps shows the Arras area, where Gehrts won his St. Heinrich knightscross (see next post).

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Next up: the Begr?ndung for the award of the St. Heinrich knightscross, originally posted by Andreas, and presumably taken from the Georg Richter book (which I don?t have, so I cannot confirm this).

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Makermark, "S" for Scharffenberg.

Although Andreas kindly added a ribbon, it is not contemporary to the order, so if someone has a spare ribbon for the Saxon Verdienstorden knightscross on offer, please feel free to let me know.

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