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German Historical Study Participants

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In the immediate post-war period, the Allied powers realized the unique knowledge German military leaders had accumulated, and proposed a working relationship between US military historians and several hundred officers. The result was the Foreign Military Study series of 2200 texts covering combat, technical topics, and staff experiences.

Here are photos of some of the participants. Hopefully, they will be clear despite the forum limitations.

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I love finding material like this. This last set is clearly staged, but it is interesting to note that with the exception of Hausser (SS), most of the men were allowed to retain their ranks. Whereas their rank has been removed in the candid, "unstaged" images.

You can also clearly see the facial scars Hausser received during Falaise encirclement.

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Well, not as clear as I had hoped, but maybe with a little squinting..... ;)

I hope you find these images as interesting as I do. Of course, it would be nicer if they were wearing their jimcracks and gongs!

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Mike, Thanks for the pictures and information. It is interested that the Americans decided the use the German generals in this manner and gain as much information from the as possible. I guess part of the reason was to learn how the German army fought off the Soviets. It is a interesting contrast to the way the Soviets treated the generals they captured.

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