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Identification of Ribbon bar

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Hello Gentlemen,

Im trying to identificate the ribbons in second row of ribbon bars of General der Panzertruppe Gerhard Graf von Schwerin.

I think are Italians, its correct ?

if yes, can anyone identificate them ??

(Picture from Axis History Research Site)

Thx a lot


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The second one is certainly the Order of the Crown of Italy with a miniature crown device indicating either Commander (gold) or Officer (silver) grade-- as worn by the Germans in "Kleindekoration" form.

Ironically enough, here is the same ribbon on an AMERICAN officer's ribbon bars:

Compared with Vizeadmiral zS Lietzmann's bars, showing his covered over "in shame" after the 1943 defection of Italy:

How often can both sides wear the SAME award from the same war? :catjava:

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Perhaps the Italians were fickle in his friendships :lol:

Thx for the info...

Seeing the picture in close-up, the other decoration has a crown also, and has a one color only, Saint Mauritius and Lazarus Order maybe ???

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