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Any idea what may be going on in this picture?

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Again, this was in a friends late grandfathers suitcase. Not sure if it was one he took, or a copy of a published picture. Was not sure where to post this question, as its not just UK military in this.




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If you look to the right of the picture, you'll see a bunch of GI's wearing their steel pots - as is the US officer to the wearer's left of the guy with the life vest (and I think he is RAF by the rank stripes on his shoulders). I would think that someone is getting ready to leave the ship and invade someplace. Plus they all seem to be in winter gear (the dark cap covers on the Navy types and jackets zipped and buttoned up).

We can see the Captain's braid on the cuff of the one Brit but the other RN guy with the ribbons showing has 2 rows of braid on his cap so I would tend to think Flag Grade. The wings on the fellow whose head is mostly cut off on the right of the picture are clearly Brit Commonwealth type wings.

The two guys on the left foreground are wearing Commonwealth Army insignia with Lieutenant Colonel and Major grade showing.

Whatever the guys at the rail were watching was more interesting than the officers' meeting on deck.

I agree that it was an ideal photo op for some other rank. "Look grandkids, see where Gramps was when they were discussing hitting the Jerries before the invasion. . . "

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Legs top left: Not Bell Bottomed... Non Naval? Bench behind RAF officer and GI chap. Non Naval fitting? Unstowed/uncoiled ropes under the GI's feet. You could be put on a charge for that?? Would this indicate a commandeered Merchant Vessel?

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I have been advised that this MAY be taken on board HMS Apollo on 7th June '44, before embarkation of Ike and Monty or after they transferred to HMS Undaunted after the Apollo ran aground. Therefore, could the two RN officers be Ramsay and Grindle? Still unsure of that analogy though, mainly because of the benches.

Just had a closer look at the benches. Temporary fixture? They seem to be attached to the hand rail by carabina type fittings. Also, wooden deck. Was this normal for a modern vessel? She was built for speed, so maybe yes???

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