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Dear all,

Rick's amazing posts have inspired me to come up with a new question :unsure: from my collection. A 1889 infantry sword model presented in 1890 in Cassel (today Kassel). The inscription reads:

"Cremer s./l. Riemann", "Cassel 1890"

[lossely translated Cremer to his dear Riemann]

In addition, the sword pommel cap has the intials engraved which read for my eye like "HR", e.g. "Heinrich Riemann"?

The blade is damascus ("Eisenhauer Damaststahl"), thes cabbard (not pictured here) is black with one ring.

Cassel had an military officers school thus I presume the two guys finished their officer's training there and presented swords to each other when they received their officers' patents. There may be some interesting stories that this sword has to tell!

And what all did the two guys encounter during their military career? Did they meet again?

Is any of you but especially you, Rick, able to shed some light on this sword's history?

I very much look forward to hear anything on this!


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Faithful Readers will know what almost always comes next...

Eduard Paul Edwin CREMER

born 1 December 1869 Burtscheid, Rheinprovinz

01.10.89 3 Year Volunteer in Feldart Rgt 8

F?hnrich 14.05.90

Sekondelieutenant 18.01.91

Oberleutnant 15.06.99 W

Hauptmann 27.01.07 M

1891 commissioned in Inf Rgt 99 not Feldart Rgt 8 !!!

22.03.00 from Inf Rgt 99 to Inf Rgt 16

In 1901 in 6th Company East Asian Infantry Regiment 3 from Inf Rgt 16

15.12.00 lightly wounded at Yung-tsing-hsien

In 1902 EAIR 2 still in China where he served until early 1903

From 16.11.03 on in Hohenzollern Fusilier Regiment 40

1914: China Medal (bars Fouphing, Huolo, and Kitchou), 1897, 1911 Hohenzollern Jubilee Medal

Killed in action near Hochwalsch 20 August 1914

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Faithful Readers will know what almost always comes next...

1914: China Medal (bars Fouphing, Huolo, and Kitchou), 1897, 1911 Hohenzollern Jubilee Medal

Killed in action near Hochwalsch 20 August 1914

:banger: Damned and scary time it was...what a pity

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But what about the proud recipient of this magnificent weapon?

We know he was still on active duty, wearing this sword, after 1910 from the scabbard. (In 1890 it would have been nickled with 2 rings.)

So, working backwards and forwards from that point in time:

from the 1897 Rank List--

There were actually TWO Riemanns in the same regiment at the same rank, so we have firsst names. Here/then, he wwas known as "Curt" but fear not. His RUFNAME was apparently HUGO-- as will be revealed...

(NOTE: CORRECTION to this posted by Glenn below !!!)

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But we can work backwards and forwwards and fill in his promotion dates.

And that Rufname?

Well, wartime awards rolls actually give us that. Here is his actual entry from Sachsen-Coburg for his EH3aX--

HUGO Riemann...

"Major Inf Rgt 138, at the moment Roy Bav War Ministry." :catjava:



Sekondelieutenant 22.08.91

Oberleutnant 16.12.99 K2k

Hauptmann 13.09.06 V3v

Major 08.11.14 Qq

Oberstleutnant aD

Inf Rgt 95 1890s

From at least 1900-5 K.P. Oberleutnant in K.W. Inf Rgt 122 (!!!)

In Inf Rgt 138 from at least 1907-14

1914: RAO4mKr (on 27.01.13 as direct single award with Crown !!!), 1897, and 1899 Coburg Jubilee Medal :rolleyes:

WW1?BMV4X 07.08.15 which was probably an error corrected when he was awarded (correctly by rank)

BMV4XmKr 19.11.15

EH3aX (!!! Should have been 2b) 22.03.16 as Major Hugo Riemann of IR 138 zur Zeit K.B. Kriegsministerium

That makes THREE (?four?) VERY weird awards?from NO Red Eagle 4 at all to having one with Crown as an initial award; BMV4X which should not have been awarded to him replaced/corrected by BMV4XmKr; EH3aX which by his rank never mind ?old affiliations? should have been an EH2bX. Very very odd!!!

Ended the war commanding Reserve Ersatz Regiment 4.

Died 1927 per Daniel

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Research Gnomes never never never forget.

Out of the 100,000 or so Prussian officers, what are the odds of this?


Our very own ChristerD has a portrait photo of Major Hugo Riemann, autographed in Berlin 1917. :cheers:

And here is his FACE (and matching ribbon bar)

EK2 1914


Pr XXV (June 1914)




1899 Coburg Jubilee Medal

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Colonel Riemann's entry in the Offizier-Stammliste of I.R. 95 showing his career up until the point he joined I.R. 138 as a supernumerary Hauptmann in 1906. Colonel Riemann died in February 1927.



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Agggh-- like "Too Many Lehmanns" !!!--


Thanks for sorting out the Rufnamen!!! :cheers:

By tracking out the Nemeless Ones later on-- CURT was commissioned with Patent of 18.08.94 G7g, and ERICH not until 18.08.96 Z12z (and HE switched from IR 95 to FAR 55 just to confuse things further, oy).

This would have been SO much easier if the wretched Prussians had listed first names and rank dates before 1901!

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