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Hi, I got this photot in the mail today, nothing special but I thought when I bought it that he had a Sachsen Altenburg medal, but now I see that it is a Sachsen Weimar Eisenach General decoration in silver ?

It seems to be marked on the back O Tolle I / 251 which I read as RIR 251 ? Erfurt 1916

I found a Otto Tolle who got the Sachsen Meiningen Kreuz fur Verdienst in Kriege 22.8.17 as Lt (d R ?) ArFernAbt 19 a Karlsruhe

and since Erfurt is not far from Karlsruhe I wonder if this is the guy?


Anyone ?

Best regards Christer

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:Cat-Scratch: You did not buy our Weimar rolls!!! :speechless1::shame:

Otto T?lle

Silver General Decoration with Swords as Unteroffizier dR RIR 251 zur Zeit Reserve Lazarett Erfurt, 1916 #220/4-21 and

Wilhelm Ernst War Cross as Uffz dR RIR 251 1916 #56.

THIS is why...


to have ALL our Rolls volumes



You Can Never Tell What May Turn Up. :catjava:

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Ohhps , Thanks Rick and you now what ? I just mailed Daniel and bought Weimar and Waldeck .... the two ones I didn?t buy for whatever stupid reason last year ....

I can only bend my head down and say THANK YOU for theese fantastic books and to everyone else BUY THEM if they still around

:beer::beer: Theese books will (are) collectables on their own :love:

And now off for a cup of tea


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  • 4 years later...


I was recently doing some genealogy research and typed the name of my Great Great Uncle Otto Tolle Erfurt into google and came upon this entry at Gentleman's Military Interest Club. After opening your image I immediately recognized that this is a picture of my uncle...my family has a copy of the same picture. How did you come across it? Do you know where I can find more information about his military record?

Thank you!

Dana Hartwig

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Hallo Dana , nice when photos get to life .

The photo came from EBAY.DE four years ago , and I know nothing about it.

Your Great Great Uncle was in Reserve Infanterie Regfiment 251 1st Battaliion, wich belonged to 75th Reserve Division

The Division mostly fought on the Eastern front but in late 1917 it was moved to France and was in combat on the West front to the end of the war.

You could get a Cd with the history of the 75th Reserve Division on the net see: http://www.military-books.de.vu/ ( No ID12)

I dont know if there is a Regiment history out there ? Anyone ??

Internet is fantastic sometimes :)

Kind regards from North of Europe


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There is an Otto Tölle, born in Eckstedt, I. Verwaltungsbezirk Weimar, Großherzogtum Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach, who shows up four times in the Prussian casualty lists.

1. lightly wounded in 1914 as a Gefreiter der Reserve in 7.Komp., IR 94 (this was Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach's home regiment).

2. lightly wounded, remaining with the troops, in March 1915 as an Unteroffizier der Reserve in I./RIR 251.

3. lightly wounded in August 1915 as an Unteroffizier der Reserve in 9./RIR 251.

4. severely wounded in May 1916 as an Unteroffizier der Reserve in I./RIR 251.

After being wounded in 1914, he would have returned from the hospital to the Ersatz (replacement) battalion of IR 94. Ers./IR 94 was one of the replacement battalions responsible for forming RIR 251 at the end of 1914, so that would explain his move to the new regiment.

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Dave and Christer,

Thank you so much for all this wonderful information! History and genealogy research is one of my greatest hobbies and I am so excited to learn more about Otto's experience in World War I. I truly appreciate your quick reply and all the useful facts. The internet is pretty amazing - thank you again!

If you have any more information or come across something in the future related to Otto Tolle, please don't hesitate to post.


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