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Senior officer in photo identifiable?

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Hello all,

Hope this is the correct forum for my question. I'd very much like to know the identity of the officer on the right of the picture. The picture itself is well known and shows the Kaiser in conversation with the Chiefs of the General Staff of Italy and Austria at the 1913 Kaiserman?ver in Silesia. Off to the right of the group is Moltke, then Chief of the German general staff. But who is the guy to Moltke's right? By his age and proximity to the really big wigs, might he be some sort of (perhaps foreign) royalty?

Perhaps I should declare my interest in the man: He is wearing a special version of the Feldbinde buckle with ornate gates that were not regulation. The Kaiser hinself had a special Feldbinde with this kind of buckle, but with three stripes instead of the regulation two (just visible in the photo). The mystery gent has the regulation two stripes, though. Pietsch states that the King of England wore a three-stripe sash with his Prussian uniform on the occasion of Princess Victoria-Luise's marriage in 1913.

So, if my man can be identified, this might provide some explanation for the non-regulation Feldbinde/buckle, as there is certainly nothing in regulations.

Many thanks for your help in advance.

Best regards,


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