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I am looking after addition info (such as first name) from the following persons:

* von Eppighoven, Freiherr (Gesandter der Herzog von Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha)

* Auer von herrenkirchen (Grossmarschall am Hof der Herzog von Anhalt)

* Krug von Nidda (Generalmajor, 3e Kavaleriebrigade - Sachsen)

Iff you have listst, the clue on towards wich one of these guys it is is the Belgian Crownorder, the above named persons did have that one.

Cordial greetings and thanks for helping

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What years?

* von Eppighoven, Freiherr (Gesandter der Herzog von Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha) = (maybe) Arthur Freiherr von Eppinghoven, in 1908/09 without anything Belgian shown in the Orders Almanac BUT he was born in Laeken, Belgium 25 September 1852. He is shown as Sachsen-Coburg-Gotaha Ehren-Hausmarschall living in Langenfeld bei D?sseldorf.

* Auer von herrenkirchen (Grossmarschall am Hof der Herzog von Anhalt) in 1908/09 Orders Almananc ther was a Major zD, Herzoglich Anhalt Oberhofmarschall BENNO Auer von Herrenkirchen, born K?nigsberg 28 October 1848. Among his 35 awards listed ( :Cat-Scratch::speechless1: ) is "Belgian Lion 4X." so is that who you are looking for? He had an 1870 EK2 and almost everything else around the neck so he'd have to take turns wearing them on different days. :cheeky:

* Krug von Nidda (Generalmajor, 3e Kavaleriebrigade - Sachsen)-- again, nothing Belgian in the Orders Almanac 1908/09 so I don't know if I am looking at the correct person-- ? (maybe) Hans Krug von Nidda, born Dresden 14 February 1857, in 1908/09 Oberst Commander 3rd Saxon Vaalry Brigade #32 and a Fl?geladjutant of the king of Saxony.

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Hello RIcky,

OH my, these where again quite the persons it seems.

The date, yes the date => stupid me :speechless: , all received the Grand Cross of the belgian Crown Orden in january 1910.

That date will help to find correct ones i think?

SOrry for the double work

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The first two are "Hoflakai" types so can only be found after 1908 in one of their home state Court and State Handbooks-- which I don't have.

Yes indeed, Hans Heinrich Ludwig Roland Krug von Nidda. Born 14 February 1857, died 20 August 1922. General der Kavallerie 20 August 1914 in the Saxon army and commander of the 24th Saxon Infantry Division 23.09.11 to 04.05.16, thyen commander of Saxon XXVII. Reserve Corps and XII. Army Corps.

"BK G 26.04.10" from the late Erhard Roth's records (that might be the date it was GAZETTED, not AWARDED-- we will never know where he got his data from, now).

He got the Pour le Merite 07.10.18, Commander 1st Class of the Saxon St. henry Order 14.10.18 etc etc etc.

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Hello RIck,

Thank you for the info on Krug von Nidda and for the search after the other oens offcoarse => he was actually awarded the GK on 13.04.1910.

So here are a few more (as they where Generals they should be tracable i guess)

* Vize-Admiral von M?ller (GK Belgian Crownorder => 1910) / Prussia

* Generalleutnant von Below (GK idem => 1910) / Prussia

* Generalleutnant von Roehm (idem) / Prussia

* Generalleutnant von Wachs (idem) / Prussia

* Generalleutnant von Schenck (idem) / Prussia

* General der infanterie von Xylander (GK crownorder => 1913) / Bavaria

The otehrs i have are non military :rolleyes:

Cordial greetings and thanks in advance :cheers:

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Civilians important enough for top classes are probably in the Orders Almanac too, but the last edition was 1908/09.

Why don't you PM me a list, with their award years and when I finish chopping ice and can type again, will match them up for you. :cheers:

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