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Perfect. Great trio. Can count on one hand the number of times I've seen a BRONZE Prussian General Decoration Medal in a MILITARY group.

Best of all...

I happen to have the Meiningen "SMM" Rolls sitting right here. :ninja:

Now I am NOT going to type out 23,000 COMBATANT ones for privates ... but at some point I may just go through and sort out the NON-COMBATANT minority for typing up.

The fact that it is zink places it in the last 18 months of the war-- which will narrow things down further. A single ID is unlikely, but the VERY small numbers involved... :rolleyes:

One of these years... one of these years.... :catjava:

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OK, trapped inside by freakish wind chill and the 3rd straight day of ZERO melting since the last "global warming" :speechless: ice storm... I started on the "SMM-NK" roll.

As those of you privileged to own the triple Ernestine Duchies WW1 award rolls tome will know from the SMK rolls of combatant versus noncombatant, there are remarkably fewer "NK" than "K." Since half of all awarded seem to have been handed out in 1915, accurate statistics are hardly possible yet since I am still in June 1915.

But of the first 112 awards I could type before today's daylight faded, 75 were military (10 of those to SAXON Inf Rgt 133 members) and 47 were to civilians. 2 of the "NK" ribbons to military personnel and 1 to a civilian were later exchanged for "K" combatant ribbons-- apparently a year at the front was required. 932 combatant ribboned ones were handed out during the same period so running 9:1 combatant:noncombatant so far.

Three Naughty Persons had theirs taken away for crimes and misbehaviour, tch tch.


ANY Meiningen noncombatant ribboned award is a good find. While yuckier looking, the zinks are MUCH scarcer than the lovely chocolate bronzes since those were handed out so generously in the early war years it was tough finding anybody who didn't already have one by war's end. :rolleyes:

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And the second bar, with exactly the same construction makes it sure, especially if offered at the same time by the same seller..

:violent: :violent: :violent:

Or does anyone here believe I'd pass on a bar with the approx. 60 times awarded Baden Large Golden Merit Medal (19108-1918), if I wasn't very sure it is eCrap... ?

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All we have to do is being carefull and watch those guys. Good bars still have the "good" look that fake bars never ever will have. Well, at least sometimes...


Times might be getting hard, but we're harder. ;)

Sorry Ed, thought this little sentence was known. It's the ending of every mathematical proof. I'm quite bad at maths, but could remember at least that "q.e.d.". :P

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Bad news, it seems we have to add another eBay seller to our personal "beware" lists: "ilselebrun" is now offering a third bar of exactly the same style. As Mr. Research wrote yesterday: "Not for my collection."




The other bar offered at the moment may be good, has at least not that backing..

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Sorry Ed, thought this little sentence was known. It's the ending of every mathematical proof. I'm quite bad at maths, but could remember at least that "q.e.d.". :P

QED I know quite well. It was the other one that threw me, as other languages have long since shoved aside my three years of secondary school Latin.

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