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The Endley Collection : Part 1 : The Sudan and Iraq


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Will, Enjoy the trip. I had written off line a while ago i.r.o. modern Sudan medals. I am working on a draft on Iraqi civil awards and wonder whether your collection includes "Saddam's Order of Appreciation" - instituted in 1988, but may never have been actually made due to invasion of Kuwait, etc. Supposedly octagonal and 6cms in diameter. Regards, Owain.

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Excellent stuff. With regard to the Liberation of Kuwait awards the Saudi award is a one class medal; the Kuwaiti award is is fact the junior class (4th)of a 5 degree Order of Liberation; the Bahraini award is a one class medal; you need the UAE (one class medal) and Egyptian awards (3 class medal). Your final medal is the Saudi combat medals which is not specific to the Liberation of Kuwait conflict.

Kind regards,


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Thanks Owain,

Doing some "binge" posting again as I have a slight lull in fire before travelling again.

I will post some more so please feel free to comment and correct as you see my errors.



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