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Kev in Deva

End of an Era:- Longford Cavalry Barracks Closes

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Winter sunlight over "The Long Valley"

Custume Barracks Main Square / Parade Ground,

4 times around it = a mile, and I pounded around it a lot

in my Recruit Training between May and July 1976. :ninja:

and during U.N.I.F.I.L. Training in 1979.

Again I would like to thank my brother Anthony,

for sending me the pictures, they brought back a lot of happy memories

with regards my time in the Irish Defence Forces 1976 - 1997.

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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thats great to see that they moved it to another barracks! with our government im actually surprised they didnt try and sell it for scrap!!!! :mad:

pity about the longford barracks though!!thanks for the pics :beer:

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Thanks for posting those pictures. I spent some time at Connolly Barracks Longford in 2003 - didn't think much of the place to be honest - both the barracks and the town.

Supposedly the barracks was haunted by a dead British Soldier who appeared at the back gate and the main square from time to time during the early hours.....Never saw it myself during guard duty but I remember some lads were adamant they had seen it!

If memory serves me correctly the Royal Irish Constabulary were based in the Barracks prior to the Irish Army taking over.

I was wondering what was going to happen to the Comet tank after I heard the place was going to close - now I know.

Good to see it in Custume Barracks now.

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