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HJ / Volksturm Tunic?

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I purchased this several years ago from the WAF - all comments back then on it pointed to an orignial piece - however I still seek opinions for clarification. It was originaly described as a HJ Flak helpers tunic - hence the red chords on the shoulder boards (but these can be slipped on). It has what appears to be a genuine WH Volkstrum arm band - OK sounds reasonable. And a set of loops which seem to fit a flak badge. The buttons are the pebbled type with makers marks on the reverse. But what bothers me is that so far I have not seen any period photographs with this type of button down tunic. There are no RZM tags in it. Is this perhaps a custom made tunic - a childs jacket that was converted into a battle tunic? Or?? Please give me your opinions.

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In my opinion, Volksturm/HJ items were so non standard that no one could say either way. I have seen just about every combination of everything available used by the Volksturm.

I would love to hear the opinion of the HJ folks on this!

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