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Schinkel Form EKs

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Thanx,Bill! I think that helps....

George,I think it's because nobody knowns this variation. But the sad thing is,nobody really want to discuss this EK! It's a bad,ugly fake and that's it....Not the way I like the exchange of knowledge.So your Schinkel is from DN?


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Do the people on the German Forum have a reason why they don't like it?  Or do they just not like it?


this is a general problem! Not only in Germany, as we know. It is so much easier to just say "fake" without any reason, shrouding oneself in a veil of mysterious knowledge then explaining why one thinks so (at least). The majority of the guys in this particular german forum are good at the common stuff, but will not venture into "unknowns". No pioneer spirit, so to say.

I found your reasoning compelling. I weigh this alweays in my minds against "odds' and possible "faker intention". In this case, this being a fake makes no sense. And somebody had to make them, right?


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Your cross is good. If I were still collecting EK's, I would not hesitate to buy this cross.

Why? I have seen and handled an identical cross in the past and for all my trying, I could not get the owner to sell it to me. One of those I never managed to get.

It's a keeper.

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Here's a horror story for you. A friend and I were comparing collections some years ago, and he actually gave himself up and confessed to giving one of these away thinking it was a repro. By the time he got some good references, he had lost track of the recipient of his "gift".

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry... speechless.gif

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One of the rarer Schinkels. A noticeably smaller version of the Schinkel B....

Hi Gordon

Schinkel B??

That small one is a real beauty - but I've always been under the impression that the straight arm types were exclusively 'B's....

As you appear to have coined the phrase 'Schinkel B', can you explain what would constitute 'B type' for you.......

Here are my two I've always considered THE standard B types - unaffected by their 'bendy' framed cousins..... and enjoying the notoriety!


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Here's a 1914 Meybauer pinback-please have a look at the core......For my eyes they where made by the same tool! So if the guys at the german forum are right, a faker has to take an imperial Meybauer pinback,open the frame and has to put a new core in.Then he has to organize an early 1939 Meybauer with the typical Meybauer pin and hinge for the parts......To stay serious-we have a 1914 Meaybauer pinback frame together with the pin and the hinge of an early 1939 Meybauer ......later I will post some comparisons between the two frames.


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Guest Brian von Etzel

...shrouding oneself in a veil of mysterious knowledge...

Yes, that ONLY happens on German forums. blush.gif

What a great Imperial pin setup these Meybauer's have.

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I would ppreciate your opinions on this one please, and perhaps start a topic on one piece EK11.

The recess for the EK11 in ths base apperas to be purposely made to take a Schinkel type EK11.

But, what do you think of one piece EK11 generally.

Let me know if you need more pictures or weights/dimensions.


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