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Unknown SS Fjg on Oderfront

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Contemplating set of SS Fjg Btln 600 photos from Oderfront I've noticed this person behind comander of SS Jagdverband Mitte F u c k e r (in white camo jacket). Apparently he'e expressing his respect to the first soldier in the row. Could this be Leifheit from this SS Fjg unit? I'm also thinking about Scheu who was comander of 1 company that defended Grabow that day.


BTW does anyone know what was written below this photo? It starts with:

,,Diese sechs Manner zwangen sechzehn Panzer. .... (?)"

Thanks a lot for any help.


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I can't make out what the writing says under the picture but this very picture appears in a newspaper clipping in Antonio J. Munoz's book Forgotten Legions - Obscure Combat Formations Of The Waffen SS (ISBN0-7394-0817-8) on Page 85 with the headline (translated) 50 Paratroopers Against 36 Soviet Tanks Near Schwedt. Part one of the book focuses on the SS-FJG Btl 500/600.

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This photograph was miscaptioned and I contributed to the erratum in the early stages of my research into the unit. However, it shows Seigfried Milius congratulating tank-killers of 3./SS-FJ-Btl 600, accompanied by 3. Kompanie commander Joachim Marcus, in the early jump smock with the special W-SS rank patch for camouflage smocks. If such a garment were found in a house in the Schwedt area today, it would be assumed by many to be a postwar 'marriage'. Note also the reversible winter suits. Visible in the line up is Walter Hummel, who features extensively in the photo-reportage from Drvar. Karl F u c k e r looked quite different.


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