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German uniform identification

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Dear Members,

I have this phot of a soldier of whom I believe to be Georg M?ldner von M?lnheim. Although his career is known (and given below) I have no clue about when the picture was taken, and I hope for your help in order to attach an era to the photo. So the question is: what uniform is he wearing in this photo?

Thanks for your help,

David M

Laufbahn der k?niglich preussischer Oberstleutnant

Georg Emil Theodor M?ldner von M?lnheim

18.9.1893 Diensteintritt als Avantegeur im Kaiser-Alexander-Grenadier-Garde Regiment Nr. 1 (Garnison: Berlin), 21.11.1893 Gefreiter, 27.1.1894 Unteroffizier, 21.4.1894 Portepeef?hnrich, 27.1.1895 Secondelieutenant, 22.3.1897 (Patent vom 27.1.1897) Leutnant 1. Kompagnie, Infanterie-Regiment Hamburg (2. hanseatisches) Nr. 76, 10.7.-5.8.1899 zur Gewehrfabrik Spandau, 15.09.1904 Oberleutnant Infanterie-Regiment Hamburg (2. hanseatisches) Nr. 76 (Garnison: Hamburg), 1906, 1909-1910 kommandiert zur Generalstab, 20.3.1911 Hauptmann und Kompagniechef, 2. Kompagnie Niederrheinisches F?silier-Regiment Nr. 39 (Ganison: D?sseldorf), 1914-18 erster Weltkrieg, 1.7-7.71916 Fort Vaux, 22.3.1917 Major und Bataillonschef des II. Bataillons, 12.1917 Abschied mit der Range einer Oberstleutnant und Genehmigung zum Tragen des Armee-Uniforms des Niederrheinisches F?silier-Regiment Nr. 39.


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Hi David,

the photograph shows an Unteroffizier, possibly a Portepee-F?hnrich of what looks like Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 1. However I don't think it is Georg as this photograph was taken after the 22 March 1897 introduction of the Reichskokarde. Georg had been a Sekonde-Lieutenant since 27 Jan 1895.



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Thanks Glenn, Thats great, I really have no idea how you can tell by such a vague photo...

Well the regiment is right, the rank in combination with the time is not, it appears. However it could be a cousin of the M?ldner's, Friedrich von Marschall, but I dont have a clue as of yet of his career, which Andy Bause is so kind to sort out for me

Actually, the nose of the guy made me doubt, however I am still hoping to find a picture of Georg in the regimental history of the 39th Fusiliers, which I hope Chris Boonzaier could provide, along with the orders and decorations listings of the dear Oberstleutnant :unsure:


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