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Two Unknown Mongolian medals/badges


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JC is, of course, right. I'd guess the frst is an aimag or soum badge (the style suggests that) and Battushig never intended to be complete with the ones he shows. There must be thousands if not tens of thousands of these local badges.

And the MRYL pin seems to be a fairly recent variety. The early ones are nice and well made, though often badly banged-up. It seems they were worn all the time, with predictable results,. The more recent ones are of lower quality.

May be worth showing again the old image (originally from JC?) of that badge in wear.

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Thanks Ed,

That picture gave me a good chuckle!!

What can I say, I was young and foolish!! :rolleyes:

I assure you, it was posted purely for a better understanding of this complex field of ours...

It is rather funny to imagine that people as different as that young lady and choibalsan should both be of interest to us.

They both have their strong points I guess!!


JC :cheers:

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