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An unusually named WW1 Death/Memorial PLaque

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I recently purchased this memorial plaque in South Africa. It was given to the next of kin of No 4117 Private Lesley West Dart of the 11th South African Infantry Regiment. He attested on 8 DECEMBER 1915 and died on 31 DECEMBER 1915 in the Potchefstroom Military Hospital. Dart therefore only had 23 days military service at the time of his death. The cause of death is listed as pleurisy. He was 20 years old. Dart's only medal entitlement is to the 1914-20 British War Medal. I have managed to re-unite the medal with the plaque due to the assistance and insight of a very co-operative collector in South Africa. This is the first plaque that I have seen where only the individual's initials and not full names are on the plaque. Is this unusual?

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I think that because of the symptoms and causes of pleurisy, one of which may be a form of pneumonia, his medical condition was not picked up if the initial medical examination did actually take place when he joined at Potchefstroom. The medical examination section appears to be blank on his attestation form.

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