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NSKK Sternfahrt 1933 Breslau Armshield

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Hello Gents and Ladies,

I picked this one up on the outside chance it was an original. It appears to be made out of copper/bronze. It has turned blackish around the edges (aging?) It does not match any of the known fakes I have searched out on the net, so I was wondering if anyone knows about this NSKK Sternfahrt 1933 Breslau Armshield. I know it is fairly rare, and it anyone has an example to show that would be a great help.


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From what I've seen out there I think this one is a good one, albeit not as rare as I initially thought. It has the right material and construction from what I can tell so I am led to believe it is a good one. Does anyone have any info on these shields?



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