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Valentin Akselovich Filenius

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Record card

Order book No. 978366

1. Last name: Filenius

2. First, middle names: Valentin Akselevich

3. Military rank: Colonel Medical Service

4. Sex: Male

5. Year of birth: 1901

6. Place of birth: city of Kronshtadt

7. Party membership: member VKP (b) 1941

8. Education: Highest

9. Nationality: Russian

10. In the Red Army: 7.1919

11. Place of service (name of the unit) and position occupied when awarded: Transbaikal front Head of evacuation hospital No.325

12. Current place of service and position: Head of garrison hospital No.325 East Siberia Military District

13. Home address of the awardee: city of Irkutsk, Dzerzhinskogo street 37-6

14. Record of previous awards

Names of orders, medals Their numbers Document numbers Ground for award


?Red Banner? 114934 148889 Decree of Presidium of Supreme Soviet on 3.11.44



?For Victory over Germany?





Decree of Presidium of Supreme Soviet on 21.02.45


Decree of Presidium of Supreme Soviet on 9.05.45

Signature of awardee __________________ ( signed )

Data correctness

and signature of awardee

attested by: Colonel ( signed )

Position and signature

July 1946

:beer: Doc

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For long service in Red Army 25 years 3 months


Last, first and middle name Filenius Valentin Akselovich

Rank Lieutenant colonel medical service

Position, unit Head of evac hospital No. 325 Transbaikal front

Is recommended for the award order of ? Lenin?

1. Year and place of birth 1901 city of Kronshtadt, Leningradskoi oblast

2. Nationality Russian

3. In Red Army Since 1919 to present time

4. Party membership Member VKP (b) since 1941

5. Participation in combat ( where and when ) No participation

6. Wounds or contusions None

7. Previous awards No previous awards

8. Drafted by what district military commissariat Kronstadtskim Regional military commissariat

9. Permanent home address (of the prospective awardee or his/her family) City of Irkutsk, Dzerzhinskogo street No. 37 apartment 6

I. Assessment

Consistent , disciplined comrade. Demanding of his subordinates as Head of hospital. He is energetic and shows initiative. Works beyond what is the expected . Proven authoritative among his staff.

Deserves award for long service in Red Army- order of ?Lenin?

Commander ( head ) Administrative area evac station No.72

Lieutenant colonel medical service

( signature ) Tarasov

10 August 1944

II. Conclusion of the Higher Command

Deserves award for long service in Red Army- order of ?Lenin?

Head of Sanitary Administration Transbaikal front

Colonel medical service ( signature )


21 August 1944

III. Completion of service in Red Army

From To Position, unit, army, front ( district )

August December Private Kronshtadskogo guard regiment Leningradskogo

1919 1919 Military District

December March Student Kirov Military Academy city of Leningrad

1919 1919

March September Disinfector Solov Military hospital Leningrad

1919 1920

September June Student Kirov Military Academy city of Leningrad

1920 1926

June December Junior Orderly 1st Moskovskogo Communist hospital

1926 1927 Moscow Military District

December September Junior doctor 108th rifle regiment 36th rifle division

1927 1928 Siberian Military District

September December Junior Orderly, Senior Orderly, Head of medical department ,

1928 1941 Assistant to Head of hospital for medical unit

December Present Head of Evac hospital No.325


10 August 1944 Head of 2nd department Administrative Area Evac station No.72

Major ( signature )

IV. Conclusion of the Front Military Council

Decree of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of USSR on 3.11.44 awarded order of

?Red Banner?

V. Conclusion of the Award Commission of the People?s Commissariat of Defense

Deserves award for long service in Red Army order of ?Lenin?

Commander of troops Transbaikal front For Member Soviet Military Transbaikal front

Colonel general (signature) Major general ( signature )


25 August 1944

VI. Award Record

:beer: Doc

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Service Record

1. Last, first and middle name: Filenius Valentin Akselevich

2. Date of birth: 29 March 1901

3. Nationality: Russian

4. Language ability: none

5. Place of birth: city of Kronshtadt, Leningradskoi oblast

6. Party membership: member of VKP (b) since 1941 , party membership card No. 4109552

7. Social status: Employee, of worker origins

8. Profession ( specialty): Medical doctor

9. Marital status: wife- Filenius Galina Petrovna, 1906 Daughter- Adeliya- 1930

10. Civilian education: completed 7 grades men?s high school city of Kronshtadt 1918

11. Military education: a) in tsarist army-none b) in Soviet Army- completed military medical Academy city of Leningrad

12. Political education:

13. Conferring military rank Year and date Who?s decree and No.

Doctor 2nd class 36 14.03 No. 0996/p-NKO

Doctor 1st class 41 8.01 No. 021-NKO

Lieutenant colonel m/s 43 23.03 No. 2196-NKO

Colonel med./serv. 44 14.08 No. 0248- NKO

14. Participation on fronts: none

15. Wounds or contusions: none

16. State awards: Order of ?Lenin?, Order of ?Red Banner?, Medal: ?For Victory over Germany?, Medal: ?For Victory over Japan?, Medal: ?30th Anniversary of Soviet Army and Navy?

17. State of health:

18. Service in Soviet Army and reserve

Unit Position Year Month Who?s No.

and day decree

Kronshtadtskii work Clerk 1919 02


Guard regiment Private 1919 08

city of Kronstadt

Military medical Academy Student 1920 12

city of Leningrad

Central Red Army Junior 1920 03

Military hospital disinfector

1st Moskovskii Red Army Junior 1926 07

Communist military hospital orderly

108th rifle regiment Junior 1927 12 RKKA No.101


Irkutsk military hospital Junior orderly, 1928 07

Transbaikal Military district doctor

Attended 4 month advanced training course 1930

military medical Academy city of Leningrad

for diseases of ear-nose-throat

Irkutsk military hospital Senior orderly, 1931 05 USSR No.504


Irkutsk military hospital Head of med. 1933 06 USSR No.1107

Transbaikal Military District department

Irkutsk military hospital Assistant to 1938 05 NKO No.908

Transbaikal Military District Head of hosp. USSR

medical unit

Irkutsk military hospital Head of hosp. 1941 12 Trans- No.01604



325 District military Assistant to 1947 04 GVSU No.0137

hospital city of Irkutsk Head of hosp. Red

medical unit Army

Found at the disposal of troops 1948 01 GVMU No.03

Dismissed in Reserve 1948 30.04 USSR No.0663

Irkutsk state Medical Assistant-doctor- 1948 05


Regional Military Commissariat

city of Irkutsk- Lieutenant colonel ( signature)

Head of 3rd unit

Major ( signature) Zverev

19. Assessment:

20. 0006

21. Last : Filenius first: Valentin middle: Akselevich

22. Military rank: Colonel medical service reserve medical personnel

23. Combat arm: Military Registration Specialty No. 271

24. Group Reserve ?3? class

25. Registration on December 31 1961

26. Withdrawn

27. Place of service and position: Irkutsk- medical assistant

28. Permanent address: city of Irkutsk Dzerzhinskogo street No. 37 apartment 6

29. Registration No. No. No. No. 6837

30. Where registered Kirovskii city of Irkutsk

31. Training duty status:

32. In tsarist army:

33. Service in white army and foreign armies:

34. Special notes:



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I'd like to see the actual service record and Awards Record Card pages--

he does not seem to have been assigned outside of Irkutsk from the 1920s--

so how on earth did he qualify for the Victory Over Germany Medal? Troops in the Soviet Far East 1941-45 only got the Victory Over Japan.

His service says he was never actually at any front, so the hospital must have wandered around in the lines of communications and crossed whatever the invisible frontier was allowing for the VoG. Very interesting.

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Sounds like a nice group. Can you show his medals??

Hallo Ed,

I only have the research for my book...no gongs. Rick, I'll try to get them posted by tomorrow. I have a family situation that I have to go to California for two weeks to take care of Mom (post-op) and Dad (Parkinson's). I'm working out the details of when Mom needs me there.

:beer: Doc

Edited by Riley1965
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