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A fragment of an Austrian ID document

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Hi Guys,

The photo shows my grand uncle ( of my grand mother side ) Friedrich Anna Fr?hling. He was Austrian, from Graz, and he came to Brazil, just after the WWI. He was too from the Spanish School of Chevalry.

Can you ID his rank by the photo?

:cheeky: I'm growing age, I forgot that I'm using my daughter computer. I will post the pic later.


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He is either a Hauptmann/Rittmeister (Captain) or a Zugf?hrer (Sergeant). I thought at first he was a noncommissioned officer because he is not wearing the single shoulder cord of an Austrian officer, but then he has no shoulder straps at all, so now I'm confused about which rank he is!

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Hi Rensburg, i have only knowledge on orders and decorations but i showed xpur photograph to a friedn who is a real expert on AH-Uniforms and equipment. That is what he told me.

The pic shows an Hauptmann der Feldj?ger arround 1880. Normal infantry had darkbblue-uniforms, train and artillery brown ones, only staffofficers wore white.

Landwehr, Dragoons and Feldj?ger had darkgrey uniforms that appear often as white on the old pictures. Draggons had a golden 'spange' (sorry dont know the english word) on the shoulder, the Landwehr had buttons with a number stamped on. So this Hauptmann should be a Feldj?ger.

regards haynau

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Though the photo is dark in the "Legitimation"-- thus losing the UPRIGHT part of his collar patches, from the "NCO" lace on the bottom, and his officer's cap-- he was either a regular army F?hnrich or a reserve officer candidate. I can't tell what if any rank stars or buttons are on the collar patches.

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