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Portugal - red cross award

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Hello collector friends

Could you give me a helping hand with that award:

1. Exact description of that decoration

2. Which version and how long awarded

3. Value

Many thanks


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1- I believe it's called "Medalha da Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa" (Portuguese Red Cross Medal).

2- I believe it's the "4º Grau" (4th Grade) Medal. The 4th Grade is called "Cruz Vermelha de dedicação" (Red Cross of dedication?)

Despite the fact it has a "roseta" (the roset was apparently only used for the 1st and 2nd Grade; not sure if a 1st or 2nd Grade roset, as the only difference is the size, the roset being slightly larger on the 1st Grade Medal), I believe it's a 4th Grade Medal.

My opinion is based on the fact the 1st Grade it's not really a Medal, but a Badge/Breast Star, called "Placa de Honra" (Plate of Honor), the 2nd Grade has a kind of 4 pointed circle (points at 1:30, 4:30, 7:30 and 10:30) behind the Medal (never saw one but it could be a 2 pieces Medal), and the suspension of the 3rd Grade Medal is different from the one in your Medal (not a circle but a laurel wreath instead).

The 4th Grade Medal is awarded to people who become a for life member of the Society.

There are 8 Grades of this award.

I'm not sure about dates, but it seems the 1st Grade was created on May,7,1908 (sorry, not sure about this, as apparently it existed before, so a bit confused about dates).

3- Check the usual dealers of this kind of awards, such as Liverpool Medals in GB and Emedals in Canada.


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Hi all..

I'll just use this topic for my question, since Dolf has allready said some of it..

Does anybody know more about the 8 grades of the medal?

What are the different grades awarded for?


I've found this:


This is the 7th grade, so i suppose the 8th grade is also for donations and so on, like the 7th...

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