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Turkish Buckle

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Hi Kiwi;

I'm afraid that I can't positively identify the buckle but am almost positive that it is NOT Egyptian Army, my own small niche of interest. I asked a friend of mine in the Middle East if he could shed any light on the inscription and this is what he wrote;

" As regards the translation, the letters are not terribly distinct and so the best guess is 'Almighty Force'. In Arabic 'Kowah' is used for force or a unit smaller than a regiment. We could of course be trying to translate Turkish and if it is Arabic then the 'almighty' is not to be confused with Allah! "

My apologies if this just casts further doubt on the buckle but I was hoping he would write back with a definitive translation of the inscription. I have written to the Military Museum in Istanbul in the past and they have been quite helpful, although they write back, not surprisingly, in Turkish! Good luck with the research.



Can anyone help me identify this buckle please? I have been told it is Turkish

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