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in discussing backings for mounted groupings with

one of the members here, the color of material

came up.

i've not been able to get a real sense of

"color coding" from any of the few references

i have.

i would appreciate any input regarding the

color schemes used for the various services,

what the "traditions" were, how reliable, etc.

thanks for any info you can provide!


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I can add three bars with Black backing.

I am not sure at the designation of the colours....

But am keen for a knowledgable member to fill us in...

I only collect them if they have a backing....i do not like the look of the metal backing plate....Ugleeee!

Cheers Gents


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Usually, it was.

I have had several naval bars on red-- which was the generic "nothing else specified" traditional color.

There are extremely occasionally army bars with navy blue/black backings, but not often-- just enough to make research difficult.

9 out of 10 times it does actually work army = red, navy blue/black = navy.

Silk backings and so on seem to have been more common with South German bars. There was a strong subsidiary tradition of using lighter Bavarian sky blue backing on their medal bars too.

Of course, before 1900, bars are very often raw, tuna fish can backings with nasty messy ribbon sewing completely exposed.

And during the Third Reich, far more commonly than Imperial (though some started then), uniform color backings became common-- field gray, Party or RAD brown, Luftwaffe gray, and so on.

But there are always odd random colors like canary yellow or flamingo pink, just to throw us off the trail of trying to figure out who the anonymous original wearer was.

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