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King's Crown helmet plate, with blackened fittings & white metal letter & numerals on the plate?

I can't work out what the medal is, the closest I can think of is the 1902 Coronation (Police) Medal, but I don't see that the red ribbon with central blue stripe would show up as dark with a very light stripe as per the one in the photo.

Buttons look like King's Crown with circular scroll or strap.

A cabinet photo, "W. Wright 83, BISHOPSGATE CITY."

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The 1897 Jubilee was plain dark blue for police, the 1902 Coronation is the best I can come up with perhaps the colours just show up "wrong" because of the photographic processes of the time.

If t's the 1902 Coronation the photograph was presumably taken a year or two later as the helmet plate has the King's Crown.

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Leigh, I agree it is the 1902 coronation medal for the Met. I have seen this before with cabinet photographs and the reds and blues on police ribbons looking wrong. You can see the kings head outline on your photo. I have some photographs which I will dig out and try and post

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Guest pikemedals

have you try the policeorders web site. send them a email with his collar number and divison and he got a 1902 coronation medal you may get back with his name,warrant number good luck paul

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I know this is an old thread but I have only recently joined GMI.

The man in the photo is: Thomas Newstead

He is definitely wearing the 1902 Police Coronation Medal

Thomas Newstead joined the Met Police 21st May 1900 as a PC with the Warrant Number 86422. He was posted to G Division (Finsbury) with the divisional number 225 G. He continued to serve in G Div with that same number until 29th Oct 1913 when he was posted to X Div (Kilburn), still as a PC. He was pensioned 24th Jan 1927 and was still serving in X Div as a PC.

His medal entitlement is:

Police Coronation Medal 1902 (Met Police Issue) named as PC T Newstead G Div

Police Coronation Medal 1911 (Met Police Issue) named as PC T Newstead

I am happy to try and help with any queries you may have on Met Police Coronation / Jubilee medals (1887-1911)

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I'm a medal collector who has an interest in the Met Police. I have some information at home but nowhere near as detailed as the old Police Orders database that used to be on line. So I can sometimes work out who a man is from his photo but not always. This one was easier because he stayed in the same Division for some time without being re-numbered.

I have done quite a lot on Met Police Medals and have recently compiled a book on this. So I can use that to work out from most Met Jubilee / Coronation Medals who the man was - his warrant number and when he joined and then left (and why he left). Happy to try and answer any queries GMIC members have.

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I'm afraid I don't know what the latest numbers being issued are. The last number issued 20th June 1911 before the Coronation was 100310 to PC Robert Blackley so if you were 158277 in 1967, which represents an approximate 58,000 difference in 56 years. By extrapolation I guess they would have just about passed the 200000 mark now. I will ask a friend of mine in the Met next week.

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