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Taurus454' date='27 May 2010 - 23:02 ' timestamp='1275015740' post='407515']

I have a Soldbuch from a Flammenwerfer company soldier. I don't recall specifics about him but will copy it and post it if there is interest. It is pretty cool!

Please do. I have built a database of Flamm=Pioniere from Garde=Reserve=Pionier=Regiment (Flammenwerfer) , and it now has data on about 1200 men. I would fold your guy into it and post if I have anything else on the soldier from the data-base or other materials. Haven't seen a Soldbuch, but I have two Militaer=Paesse from the flame regiment, my father's, and a copy of one sent to me by a kind collector.

Bob Lembke

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And here's Bernhard Reddemann in the background, the big guy with a notebook and pencil, his overcoat on his shoulder. The flamethrower is the Kleif M.1914. Notice that he doesn't have a Totenkopf sle

IR92 tankard lid............

Brunswick HR17 flask...............(with Prussian skull !!)

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Two things!

First, sorry guys, I pulled the Soldbuch and the soldier was in several Minnenwerfer units. I could still post if you like but it is not a Flammenwerfer soldier.

Second, I have had good luck sending money using www.xoom.com for those who do not accept PayPal. They only charge $4.99 for a cash transaction and you must send a minimum of 25 Euros. The drawback is you need the account holder's name, address, City, phone number, and IBAN information, and bank name. You would be surprised to learn that about 10-20% of the sellers refuse to give you anything other than their IBAN information. I don't understand what their problem is? When that fails, I offer to send the money with PayPal as a gift so they don't have to pay the fee, and if they say no, I offer to give them the PayPal fee. At that point, if they still say no, I figure it is a scam and don't buy.

Hope this helps!


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Maybe I'm not getting it, but seeing that skull patch on a woman's bathing suit just seems wrong. Cat%20Scratch.gif

Some time after my first wife and I separated, I found some photos of her mother about the house, and got them back to the spousal unit. In the pictures her mother and at least one companion young woman were wearing one-piece bathing suits with large swastikas across the chest, at least 10 inches wide. Some of the suits and emblems were black on white, some white on black. I found it rather fitting, as the charming woman, a registered nurse and a "church lady", beat her children brutally and tormented them in other ways, and her death was almost met with glee from her children, much to my discomfort.

Neither she nor anyone else on both sides of the family were German-American; they were English-Americans. The pictures seemed to be taken in the 1930's. So I imagine that the origins of the suit ornamentation was from the Native American tradition, not some Bund bathing club.

Bob Lembke

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Not necessarily..........they wore two-piece swimsuits long before 1945.

Here are some from the 4th Century AD. rolleyes.gif

Robin, I think you know the photo. Look at the woman in the background.

I'm no fashion expert. biggrin.gif

But the style of clothes looks more like 50's or early 60's to me.


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    • I like my tea strong enough for my spoon to stand up in. My father got me into it. When my father was at RAF Dum Dum 1943-47 most of his fellow officers drank ice cold drinks to mitigate  the heat, his Sikh batman warned him against it and said that strong hot tea would cool him down, most certainly did. So years later in the UK when everybody else was drinking iced drinks on a baking day the wood family was inbibing copious quantities of hot strong brews of Assam's finest. P
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