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New Epson Ribbon Bar Article-Sized Scans For Rick

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Ah, just literally PERFECT. That must be why the scanners have "Epson Perfection" on them! THANKS!!


Size so all are the same scale together is 150dpi x125% for ribbon bars (unless big Old Style ones or very long ones-- those at 100%)

and devices close ups on 96dpi at 500%.

I have a Regional GMIC Throng gathering here tomorrow (with many many scans to be shared on Thursday :rolleyes: ) so I will have a BIT of a backlog getting to things these next couple of days.

MUCH appreciated!

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Hi Sascha,

I don't remember you have a so nice ribbon bar with BZ3vX m. El. Very impressive. The design of the oak leaves is great. Nice one. You can probably show the bar :rolleyes:

To compare, here is one of my two oak leaves



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