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A question for those more experienced.

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Hello Bob,

I'll send you a link or two to some internet sites when I get home from work. You'll get an idea of the prices and they will be dealers you should be able to trust :ninja:

A good book is The Researcher's Guide to the Great War but as the title suggests, it only deals with 1914-18.

We have some very knowledgeable members on British awards so I'm sure they'll be able to help you further.


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The best book for a beginning collector of British medals and decorations is "Collecting Medals and Decorations" by Alec A. Purves. It is available in bookstores and on the Internet in paperback editions for less that $20.00. It covers just about anything a beginner needs to know to collect these medals. Once one gets somewhat more advanced then "British Battles and Medals," which is supposedly coming out in a new edition shortly, and "British Gallantry Awards" are a must.

I would recommend the following dealers, all of whom are on the Internet:

Chris Dixon: http://www.dixonsmedals.co.uk/

Gary Neate: http://www.neatemedals.co.uk/

Peter Sheen: http://www.military-medals-online.com/

Philip Burman: http://www.military-medals.co.uk/

and there are many others too numerous to mention.

Gunner 1

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Gunner 1 has, as is his usual, given good and sage advice. While Purves isn't gospel, it is a nice starting place. See http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=3614 for more discussion of this volume.

I would suggest spending a fair amount of the "budget", at least at first, on books and on memberships in things like the OMRS. Obviously British Battles and Medals (likely in the new edition, which Spink asserts is coming "soon" and should have the name of the author -- Gordon -- restored) and Abbot and Tamplin's British Gallantry Awards are key purchases. While the pricing is rubbish -- as it is in all price guides -- the Medal Yearbook is also of value as a beginning and quick reference source. But be aware that it, like all texts, has flaws, and the MYB probably has more than its fair share of flaws (and we're not talking pricing here!); see http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=3845 for some details.

As far as dealers go, all have their favourites. I, for example, know three of the four that Gunner 1 has listed, have dealt extensively with two of them, and have had nothing but good experiences with one of them (Phil Burman). But, again, I'd suggest starting with sources, asking questions (for that this forum is good), attending what medal fair you can (the next OMSA will be, I think, in California) so you have fondle other people's medals, and only gradually coming to the stage of bringing new phaleristic guests to live with you.

OMRS: http://www.omrs.org.uk/

OMSA: http://www.omsa.org/

My two annas worth,


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