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This portrait is dedicated:

Gro?vater Tischbein

im Weltkrieg 1914-18

22.2.41. s/l. Herrmann

May be I am wrong with Tischbein, but that would be the most common familiy name instead of other possible versions.

I have no clue what kind of uniform he is wearing, but it seems to be an unexpected low Leutnant-like rank for the two neck decorations. He could be in a high civil position, on the other hand why the Bulgarian MVO is with X?

Regards, Komtur.

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Yup. :rolleyes:

This photo may now Reveal All for us, since his entry for the SMK-- 123rd ever awarded, on 29 September 1915 simply shows him as "Direktor Tischbein, Mitglied kaiserl. Automobilkorps."

Seeing all his OTHER awards here should give us his first name and hopefully a better biography. :cheers:

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magnificent group. I don´t collect medals, but I would have bought the photos and documents, too!

One of your photos seems to be a cropped version of a larger one, that I have in my collection. I wonder if there is some text on the reverse, telling place or unit? Could it be X. AK?

Also interesting: although he was awarded the EKII in 1914, the Vorläufiges Besitzzeugnis is from 1917. But I guess that was a rather common practice?







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