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A project for all!

Sal Williams

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Hi Lads and lasses,

I bought an SC in bronze with a name scratched on the back. This got me thinking. If we all look through our items with Spanienkreutz attributed ie: names scratched on the backs of SC's , soldbucher with SC awarded, death notices with SC listed, photos with names written, we might come up with quite a list to add to the few sources of names there are in books. Lets give it a go kiddies! lets put a name to all 28000 members of the legion Condor!!! :lol::cheeky::jumping::speechless1:

Here is my offering

Matzat scratched in the back of my bronze grade SC w/o swords.

clear in good light with a loop not so good despite messing with contrasts etc. in photoshop :speechless:

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OK i have 58 solid backed with pics names so far.

I am not including any lists in books, ie:diamonds winners, in this figure

I need all your private collection pieces, the unspectacular , the average LC man documentation, those are the most important ones for the list.

Come on fellows only some 25950 left to go :lol::cheers:

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Not a complete listing for the members of J/88 but it'll take a few more names off the total needed to complete the task.

Oblt. Kraft Eberhardt J/88

Oblt. Hannes Trautloft J/88

Oblt. Herwig Kn?ppel J/88

Lt. Otto-Heinrich von Houwald J/88

Oblt. Ekkehard Hefter J/88

Oblt. Alfons Klein J/88

Lt. Eberhard Henrici J/88

Uffz. Erwin Sawallisch J/88

Uffz. Ernst Mratzek J/88

Oblt. Hennig Str?mpel J/88

Lt. Dietrich von Bothmer J/88

Lt. Paul Rehahn 4.J/88

Oblt. Hannes Trautloft J/88

Lt. Kurt von Gilsa J/88

Uffz. Willi G?decke J/88

Hptm. Werner Palm 1.J/88

Oblt. Harro Harder 1.J/88

Uffz. Hans-J?rgen Hepe 1.J/88

Oblt. G?nther L?tzow 2.J/88

Lt. G?nther Radusch 2.J/88

Fw. Franz Heimayer 2.J/88

Fw. Heinz Braunschweiger 1.J/88

Uffz. Guido H?ness 2.J/88

Lt. Rolf Pingel 2.J/88

Fw. Peter Boddem 2.J/88

Ofw. Fritz Hillmann 2.J/88

Lt. Edgar Rempel 2.J/88

Fw. Norbert Flegel 2.J/88

Ofw. Reinhard Seiler 2.J/88

Uffz. Max Schulz 2.J/88

Lt. Eduard Neumann 3.J/88

Lt. Heinrich Brucker 2.J/88

Oblt. Joachim Schlichting 2.J/88

Lt. Erich Woitke 1.J/88

Ofw. Leo Sigmund 1.J/88

Uffz. Kurt Rochel 2.J/88

Lt. Karl-Heinz Greisert 2.J/88

Uffz. Hermann Stange 2.J/88

Uffz. Wilhelm Staege 2.J/88

Lt. Walter Adolph 1.J/88

Ofw. Ignatz Prestele 1.J/88

Uffz. Ernst Terry 1.J/88

Uffz. Ignatz Prestele 1.J/88

Oblt. Wolfgang Schellmann 1.J/88

Oblt. Wilhelm Balthasar 1.J/88

Uffz. Kurt Rochel 2.J/88

Uffz. ? Lohrer 2.J/88

Lt. Hans-Karl Mayer 1.J/88

Uffz. Ernst Quasinowski 1.J/88

Lt. Fritz Awe 1.J/88

Uffz. Herbert Ihlefeld 2.J/88

Uffz. Alfred Stark 1.J/88

Lt. Eckehardt Priebe 1.J/88

Hptm. Gotthard Handrick Stab.J/88

Uffz. Willi Meyer 2.J/88

Uffz. Bernhard Seufert 2.J/88

Lt. Wolfgang Ewald 2.J/88

Lt. Lothar Keller 1.J/88

Uffz. Erich Kuhlmann 1.J/88

Lt. Wilhelm Keidel 2.J/88

Lt. Walter Oesau Stab.J/88

Lt. Wolfgang Lippert 3.J/88

Oblt. Werner M?lders 3.J/88

Uffz. Josef Bauer 3.J/88

Lt. Rudolf Resch 2.J/88

Lt. Horst Tietzen 3.J/88

Uffz. Willibald Hein 3.J/88

Lt. Karl Ebbighausen 3.J/88

Uffz. Helmut Brucks 1.J/88

Fw. Robert Menge 1.J/88

Uffz. Franz Jaenisch 3.J/88

Oblt. Hubert Kroeck 2.J/88

Lt. Otto Bertram 1.J/88

Uffz. Willi Szuggar 1.J/88

Uffz. Willibald Hein 3.J/88

Uffz. Gustav K?ll 2.J/88

Lt. G?nther Scholz 3.J/88

Lt. Wilhelm Ensslen 2.J/88

Hptm. Walter Grabmann Stab.J/88

Uffz. M?rz 3.J/88

Uffz. Georg Braunshirn 2.J/88

Lt. Rudolf Goy 3.J/88

Uffz. Herbert Schob 2.J/88

Oblt. Rudolf Unger 1.J/88

Lt. Horst Tietzen 1.J/88

Lt. Hans-J?rgen Ehrig 1.J/88

Oblt. Johann Gamringer 3.J/88

Lt. Josef F?z? 3.J/88

Fw. Fleischmann 3.J/88

Lt. Martin Lutz 2.J/88

Lt. August-Wilhelm Schumann 2.J/88

Uffz. Keining 3.J/88

Uffz. Freund 2.J/88

Lt. Heinz Bretn?tz 2.J/88

Uffz. Karl Kolb 1.J/88

Uffz. Norbert Fischer 1.J/88

Lt. Theodor Rossiwall 3.J/88

Lt. Karl-Wolfgang Redlich 2.J/88

Oblt. Hubertus von Bonin 3.J/88

Oblt. Alfred von Lojewski 2.J/88

Fhr. Heinz Tornow 3.J/88

Ofw. M?ller 3.J/88

Oblt. Helmut-Felix Bolz 3.J/88

Hptm. Siebelt Reents 1.J/88

Uffz. Hans Nirminger 1.J/88

Uffz. Gerhard Halupczek 1.J/88

Uffz. Heinrich Windemuth J/88

Ofw. Walter Grimmling J/88

Uffz. Boer 3.J/88

Fw. Heinz Braunschweiger 2.J/88

Uffz. Georg Braunshirn 2.J/88

Oblt. Kraft Eberhardt J/88

Fw. Norbert Flegel 2.J/88

Hptm. Gotthard Handrick Stab.J/88

Lt. Eberhard Henrici J/88

Lt. Wilhelm Keidel 2.J/88

Oblt. Herwig Kn?ppel J/88

Hptm. Walter Rubensd?rffer Stab.J/88

Hptm. Lothar von Janson 2.J/88

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