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Distinctive Unit Insignia identification

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Dear gents,

for my historical work at the Royal Military Academy in the Netherlands (Europe) I need some help.

At the moment I am working through the legacy of a Dutch general.

He used to be head of the equipment department of the Dutch army.

For this function, he often visited foreign countries (like when a new rocket was introduced).

In his legacy there is a box full of insignia, commemorative coins etc. from his visit to the U.S.A. which I'm currently registering into a digital system.

However, there are 2 Distinctive Unit Insignia I can't identify.

I've made a poor scetch of them, and can only hope I don't offend anyone with them.

The left one is a white shield with a blue beam across it. In the upper right corner is a liberty bell, in the lower left corner an oil lamp(?).

the other insignia is just a shield with 3 beams, black/red and turqoise.

As I said, it is not a very good scetch I made, the lines from the right emblem are a little different as pictured, but I hope someone recognises it.

I'm not sure if they are Distinctive Unit Insignia, but they are the exactly the same kind as other unit pins I have been able to find out, I just can't find these 2 in books nor on the internet.

Thanks in advance for all the help.


kind regards,


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Thank you for the reply, that is the exact emblem I'm looking for.

The only difference is the collor of the background, the one here is white, the one on wikipedia is beige/brown.

I read the collor has changed in 1975. The visit of the general was between 1973-1976 (still looking for exact dates in archives), so it could well be that he received the ''old collor'' insignia.

I'll see if I can make scan of the other because my picture doesn't much look alike.

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It's important to note the first item as the U.S. Quartermaster Center and School. That's the current designation. Earlier it was just for the Quartermaster School. The lamp is the Lamp of Knowledge (and it is sitting on a closed book). The lamp is a common element of many U.S. Army school distinctive insignia. I've never heard that this one was changed to white from beige, and that would be very uncharacteristic of the lineage/heraldry involved. As you've seen, the TIOH site still shows it as beige -- and they are the folks who design this stuff. There were a couple of unauthorized variations with very light beige (one marked "6-D") and maybe that's what you have. Any marks on the back?

The other one doesn't look to be U.S. Army, but perhaps a photo will suggest otherwise.

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