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Latvian/Lithuanian Mystery Group

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The Traveling Museum stopped by today (the hottest day of 2009--so far) and brought more items to be Epsonized before moving along down the Highway Of Life.

This ribbon bar and badge have us stumped. While I have been able to identify SOME of the ribbons, the rest are totally unknown to me. Construction of this ribbon bar is quite interesting-- each ribbon is laid onto a strip of some sort of brittle transparent celluloid.

Top row and down left to right--

1) Latvian Order of the Three Stars? 2) Latvian ? 3) Latvian 1928 Independence Jubilee 4) but Lithuanian 1918 Independence Medal ?

5) much fading of color-not-fast dye = Lithuanian Medal of Vytautas the Great for a 1930 song festival (?!) 6) Lithuanian Order of the Swastika ? 7) ??? 8) ???

9) ??? 10) Lithuanian-- ? Home Guard Medal OR Boy Scouts Order of the Lily ? 11) Lithuanian Liberation of Klaipéda Medal ? 12) ???

The badge was originally screwback but was made into a pinback long long ago:

The mixture as well as the actual identifications are baffling, so any identifications would be much appreciated.

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Rick, the honest answer is that I have no clue about Latvian regulations. But if the first awards are Latvian followed by Lithuanian (and Swedish?) that would make sense as the Baltic states are very particular about being separate countries. So first of the foreign awards an order followed by foreign and unofficial/scouting medals.

Also the texture of the yellow/blue ribbon looks like what you see with Swedish ribbons. But then again.... who knows for sure.


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It is 100% Latvian officer group but ID is impossible becuase those ribbons "don't tell" what grade awards are those.

I am suprised to see that bar here!!!jumping.gifjumping.gifjumping.gif

No. 4 is Estonian (only one) Order of the Eagle of the Cross!!! Reason why I like this bar so so much!


I have full list of the latvians, who got it but I afraid it dosent help much.violent.gif

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#4 Could also be the Swedish order of the Sword. I have 48 Latvians listed as recipients, of all classes.

I am very sure its Estonian because the "10 years of Independent ribbon" before that - most common combination for estonians and latvians!cheers.gif

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:Cat-Scratch: OK-- here is a Research Gnome Project--

Comparing the 48 names that Kim has with the names on your list?

Wouldn't THAT be a research coup-- the world's first online ID of a Latvian ribbon bar's original wearer!? :catjava:

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Albers Kviesis 06/06/30

Hugo Celmin 29/04/31

Charles Zarine 29/04/31

Kārlis Ulmanis 29/04/31

Hermans Albats 22/01/32

Artur Albering 18/02/32

Jānis Balodis 04/08/32

Aleksander Kalejs 04/08/32

Martin Penikis 04/08/32

Margers Skujenieks 21/02/33

Voldemars Salnais 31/05/33

Adolfs Blodnieks 16/11/33

Roberts Ivanovs 16/11/33

Roberts Liepin 16/11/33

Wilhelm Munters 28/11/34

Hermans Apsits 10/09/35

Ludwigs Ēķis 15/11/35

Jānis Birznieks 17/02/36

Adolf Klīve 17/02/36

Aleksander Gubens 06/06/36

Bernhard Einberg 08/07/36

Krijanis Berkis 10/02/40

Ludvig Bolsteins 06/06/30

August Tone 06/06/30

Hermans Albats 31/08/31

Wilhelm Munters 22/01/32

Kārlis Prauls 31/05/32

Rudolfs Bangerskis 04/08/32

Krijanis Berkis 04/08/32

Oskar Dankers 04/08/32

Kārlis Goppers 04/08/32

Mārtin Hartmanis 04/08/32

Andres Krustin 04/08/32

Jānis Kurels 04/08/32

Jānis Francis 17/11/32

Eduārds Kalnin 17/11/32

Aleksanders Mikela Kasens 21/02/33

Augusts Tentelis 21/02/33

Francis Kempels 13/04/33

Jānis Miezis 13/04/33

Francis Balodis 04/07/33

Janis Grandaus 04/07/33

Ludvigs Seja 16/11/33

Mikels Zanders 16/11/33

Andrejs Auzans 15/02/34

Bruno Pavasars 20/02/35

Dāvīts Rudzīts 06/06/36

Alfreds Bērziņ 06/06/30

Jahnis Schihds 22/01/31

Grigoris Kikkuls 18/02/31

Francis Balodis 31/08/31

Kārlis Freimanis 31/08/31

Wilhelm Munters 31/08/31

Voldemārs Ludin 22/01/32

Martin Anton 18/02/32

Fricis Lassmann 18/02/32

Josefs Bako 04/08/32

Kristaps Frickauss 04/08/32

Hugo Rozensteins 04/08/32

Arwids Skurbe 04/08/32

Jānis Bachs 21/02/33

Edvards Dundurs 21/02/33

Nikolajs Duze 21/02/33

Janis Ezerin 21/02/33

Teodors Grinvalds 21/02/33

Mārtin Jeske 21/02/33

Jānis Kēmanis 21/02/33

Eduards Kuplais 21/02/33

Woldemars Osolin 21/02/33

Arturs Ozols 21/02/33

Aleksanders Plensners 21/02/33

Vilis Spandegs 21/02/33

Valdemars Šenfelds 21/02/33

Alberts Zalts 21/02/33

Gustaw Tīfentāls 21/02/33

Fricis Virsaitis 21/02/33

Jēkabs Jurēvitcs 13/04/33

Aleksandrs Maldups 13/04/33

Richard Berzin (Behrsin) 04/07/33

Artur Berzin 04/07/33

Janis (Jaan) Streipa 04/07/33

Janis Tepfers 04/07/33

Janis Gilberts 16/10/33

Teodors Andersons 16/11/33

Roberts Briesma 16/11/33

Robert Garsels 16/11/33

Nikolajs Kalnin 16/11/33

Eduards Kēlers 16/11/33

Voldemars Malcenieks 16/11/33

Oto Nonācs 16/11/33

Jānis Ozolin 16/11/33

Kārlis Ozoliņ 16/11/33

Teodors Reiters 16/11/33

Kārlis Tikmanis 16/11/33

Emils Vīgrabs 16/11/33

Teodors Spade 15/02/34

Miervaldis Lukin 30/04/34

Arnolds Skrebers 30/04/34

Janis Jürgens 17/09/34

Nikolai Vanadzin 20/02/35

Janis Baltais 25/11/35

Edmund Rutkin 25/11/35

Kārlis Briedis 17/02/36

Wladimir Bukowsky 17/02/36

Jānis Indāns 17/02/36

Eduards Raps 17/02/36

Jānis Skujin 17/02/36

Jānis Volmārs 17/02/36

Reinholds Veckalnin 30/08/39

Fricis Celmin 10/02/40

Edwin Mednis 31/08/31

Jānis Kleppers 22/01/32

Fricis Kocin 04/08/32

Ervins Petersons 04/08/32

Janis Fridrichsons 21/02/33

Oskars Jansons 21/02/33

Indrikis Kreics 21/02/33

Jānis Krūze 21/02/33

Arvīds Strazdin 21/02/33

Andrejs Kampe 04/07/33

Karl Mednits 04/07/33

Augusts Zariņ 04/07/33

Kārlis Bauce 16/11/33

Aleksanders Cerin 16/11/33

Janis Kruze 16/11/33

Pēters Miezans 16/11/33

Gederts Rafaels 16/11/33

Janis Rullin 16/11/33

Roberts Stiglics 16/11/33

Herberts Tepfers 16/11/33

Reinholds-Martin Treijs 16/11/33

Vilis Olavs 25/11/35

Pēteris Aaks 17/02/36

Roberts Skritulis 17/02/36

Jānis Zirnis 17/02/36

Fricis Upelincis 17/02/36

Arturs Dzirkalis 06/06/36

Robert Osis 10/02/40

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Even don't know was it order or notshame.gif

This last row bouthers me.... some how I think the owner of this group was the Independent War vet..... and then worked on the Latvian National Guard (Zemessardze) with the youth suborganisation.blush.gif They had very strong contacts with the estonian similar organisation (Kaitseliit). Same time Latvian awards are pretty common on the estonian bars (will post some pictures, when they are arrivedcheeky.gif ) as well, especially on this National Guards line.

Ok, back to work!

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What I can see are:

1- Latvia Order of the Three Stars

2. Latvia Liberation War Commemorative

3. Latvia 10 year independence medal

4. Lithuania medal of independence (or Estonian order of the Eagle Cross) ribbons are very similar

5&6 unlnown

7. Latvia Scouts Order of the Grey Wolf

8. Latvia Scouts Order of the Lily

9. unknown

10. Latvia Aizargi (Home Guard) Medal for effort.

11&12 unknown

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To me #4 looks like the Swedish Order of the Sword rather than the Estonian Order of the Eagle Cross, which has a distinctive shade of orange rather than yellow like here. #5 looks like the Luxembourg Order of the Oak Crown. #12 - no idea but that colour combination occurs in some Swedish medals.

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Maybe it could be worth doing some research on Kārlis Goppers. 

He received several of the awards on the ribbon bar and founded the Latvian scouts. 


Ribbon 11 would then be the order of the white rose of Finland.

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