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Order for Saddam Hussein and his Loyalists

Guest IMHF

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Order of Saddam and his Loyalists


This is a rare Order from the last years of Saddam Hussein's time of ruling the Republic of Iraq. The ministry of the Republic of Iraq was strong at this point and the Deputy Prime ministers were very rich, so the ministers and whoever was around Saddam at that time decided to create a special kind of order for themselves. So they created this Order which was manufactured in Iraq made by a Jewelry Company selected to do so. The order was to be made with 22 K gold with lots of diamonds and total weight of 640 grams as you can see in the image. You can also see on the Rare Order a date of issue of 2002/10/15, written on left and right center. On top on the left side on flag is written '' one Arab Nation with an Internal Message'' and on the top of it is part of Quran, in the Middle of it one of Saddam's sayings from the year 1964, and in underneath of it, down of it is: '' A'ahd Al-Monadhelen ''

If you have any information on this Rare Order please e-mail me or post it on the Forum

thank you


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Good Lord. It's over 6 inches wide and gold?

Is there a roster at all of who got this?

I have no idea??? I would love to learn more information on this piece??

Thank you


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