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Headgear for identification

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First cap, M15 Bavarian infantry type. It has two Bavarian officer's style cockades. One should be a national cockade. Without a chinstrap, I would say it is actually an enlisted cap.

Second cap, Prussian medical officer.

Third cap, prewar infantry cap, of the 1890s-early 1900s style. Appears to have a Württemberg enlisted state cockade.


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Hello Chip

Thank you very much for your great help!

First cap: Is it correct, that the cockade on the top should be changed to a black white red national cockade? When I've checked the cockade underneath, it seems that there was never another cockade. Is the cockade underneath the correct one? The cap never had a chain strap.

Third cap: The colour of the cockade is: black-red-black => Württemberg?

Thank you


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The gray cap is actually an enlisted cap and needs both national (black/white/red) cockade and state cockade (white/blue) for Bavaria replaced. The cockades on it are for officers.

Yes, the black/red/black cockade is for the state of Württemberg.


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