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Unusual Citation to an Aviation Research Scientist!

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Here's a citation that just came in on a single Red Star. At first, I was pretty depressed about it... An aircraft engine worker??? But after the translation, it got real interesting! What are your thoughts?


1. Name: Bondaryuk, Mikhail Makarovich

2. Rank: Engineer-Major

3. Position, unit: Chief, 22nd Division


Nominated for: Order ?Red Star?

4. Date of Birth: 14 November 1908

5. Nationality: Russian

6. Party affiliation: A member of the Communist Party since 1939

7. Place of Birth: Moscow

8. Participation in Patriotic War: With a Special Task Execution Unit of the 1st Belorussian Front from February 1945 to May 1945

9. Wounds and Contusions from the a) Revolutionary War: None

b) Patriotic War: None

(Number, type, where) c)

10. Joined the Red Army: Since 1 November 1930

11. Other awards, medals presented and when: Presented Medal ?For Military Merit? for long service in 1944.

12. Permanent home address: Moscow, Leningradskoe Shosse, Home 90 Apt. 21


Comrade Bondariuk has been serving in the Civil Air Fleet and the Red Army for 15 years. During that time Comrade Bondariuk proved to be a knowledgeable expert in aviation and specialized engines. Under his direct supervision and personal participation some works of great importance have been done. Among them ? development of the МG-31 engine, development and usage of the most effective flight modes, life extension for M-100 engines; and the design, finalization and research for the specialized engine.

Currently Comrade Bondariuk is the Chief, Specialized Engine Branch; he supervises preparation of the specialized engine for flight tests. Comrade Bondariuk is a strong-willed worker with great initiative, politically mature, and devoted to our Motherland. For his prolific work, he deserves to be awarded the Order of the Red Star.

Chief SRI No. 1 NKAP

General Lieutenant IAS


In Agreement with Attestation:

For long service of 15 years in the Red Army and prolific work, award him the Order of the Red Star.

Deputy National Commissar of

Aviation Industries of the USSR

General Lieutenant IAS

/A. Kuznetsov/

6 September 1945

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Two things:

First the printed/specifically dedicated form FOR long service citations is a first for me! To have what amounts to very detailed service records on the flip side of such a "generic" is certainly unexpected!!!! :cheers:

Second: his "Victory Over Germany" day May 9 Red Star is several thousands of numbers "later" than his November 1945 long service one! :speechless1:

Was this a lone Star or the whole group?

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Unfortunately, this was but a lone Red Star that had been used to "soup up" a bad group that I knew was bad when I got it. The awards were original, just the document was doctored, so I researched one of the awards just to make sure it was bad. And of course, lucky me... a Red Star to a "special" engine engineer! Of course, I can chuck the rest of the group - this is pretty cool!

Anyone have any thoughts about the "special" engine? I've got a feeling that he was working on the Soviet's first jet engines, because the timing would be just about right.... :cool:


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Anyone have any thoughts about the "special" engine? I've got a feeling that he was working on the Soviet's first jet engines, because the timing would be just about right.... :cool:

My guess is the "special engines" were confiscated German trophy engines. Look at the period mentioned when he was assigned to the 1st Belorussian Front - his "spets" mission was to scarf up all the technology the Soviets came upon.

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