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The British 29th Independent Brigade Group.

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The first commander of 29th Independent Brigade Group was General Oliver Leese, the "O" of the "Oliver" is supposedly the inspiration for the circle in the design, a white circle on a khaki or black square.

A 29th Division had existed in WWI, the WWII formation was a regular army one & originated as The Cairo Brigade, renamed 29th Bde on 20/9/1939.

This formation was renamed 22nd Infantry Brigade & the 29th was reformed in Britain on 14/7/1940. This second formation saw service in Madagascar and Burma. It fought as part of the Indian 36th Infantry Division, later redesignated British 36th Infantry Division.

Also in the division was 72nd Brigade, whose formation sign was a red circle on a black background, & the white circle of 29th with the red of 72nd entwiened formed the sign of 36th Div.

Disbanded after WWI, The 29th Brigade was reformed by 1949, & renamed & organised as The 29th Independent Infantry Brigade, arriving in Korea in December 1950.

It was again renamed as 29th Infanry Brigade in July 1951, forming part of The 1st Commonwealth Division.

This is a printed version of 29th Ind Bde Groups sign:

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