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Junior Officer grade visor cap from a U-boat officer?

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To share with all of you, pics from my last purchase, it's a nice Junior Officer grade visor cap.

IMO, there is no problem with this one. It's a removable top one.

In this cap, there is a name Karl Heyne.

IMO, this cap could be belonged to the U557 LI, there is an only Karl Heyne on the U-boatwaffe site:


On the Volksbund site, there are Several "Karl Heyne" but only one kriegsmarine officer, the Karl Heyne from the U557.

The U557 was lost in December 1941 with all his crew.


I don't have the list of the KM Officers, i don't remember the name of the annual books with all the officer names!!!

If someone can check for me if there are several Karl Heyne in the kriegsmarine before or after 1941, i would be very happy!!!

I think that this cap is a one from the beginning of the war, the chinstrap is an early model for me. There is a reparation on it.













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That is a very nice cap. I don't have that one yet. I did get the one for the Korvettenkapitan to Kapitan zur See. Mine isn't named but it's a very nice piece. I love the way that the gold bullion insignia ages. I've also managed to pick up two enlisted overseas caps, one with the device for U-391, a Model 1943 cap (the very one pictured in Bender's 3-volume set of books on the Kriegsmarine), and a Schloffelmutze with the cap band Marinenachrichtenschule (Navy Signal School).


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Superb cap Ben.

As to the owner, I only have the 1944 rank list but it includes only one officer with the name of Heyne.

He is Oskar Heyne, Oberleutnant zur See, so I think that if there is no other Karl Heyne then your cap most likely is from the L.I. on U-557.

Congratulations on a beautiful cap.

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I succeed to find Heyne family members, they will send me pics from Karl.

They sold the cap to an auction few years ago in Munich.

They explain me that there is a good pic of Karl Heyne in the Anthony Preston Book "u-boat".

In the middle of the page 130, there is a pic with Kmdt Paulsen, in facts, it's the LI Karl Heyne!!!

I don't have the book (i plan to buy it!!!), it would marvellous if someone could be make a good scan and send the pics here.



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Greeat cap with a great history! Amazing you were able to find the family also. Pieces like this make it all worthwhile.

Looks like U-557 had an amazing short career. Six merchants and one British Cruiser sunk for a total of over 31,000 tonnes. She was rammed by an Italian E-boat of all things and sunk. Tragic end to a brave crew

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