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MG Pads/'cushions'

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One of my sleds has 'as is' pads that obviously have deterioted. This was origianlly leather but now reveals horsehair etc. I am in 2 minds as to restore. Does anybody have any info on when the leather pad was effectively stopped as the material and the hessian or ersatz covering was then used instead pse? Thanks.


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I cannot say for sure, but my sled was dated 1917 and had the canvas covered pads.My pads are also worn and torn,butI would only recover them if (1) you use your weapon quite often or (2) if they are so bad as to risk the horsehair pads being lost. Most people want to restore these mounts. I say if it still has the original paint and pads in any reasonable condition, leave it alone.A sled in reasonable original condition will aways be worth more than a restored one. I have had many people tell me that I should restore mine, but it has a great "been there" condition and it is never gonna happen.


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