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Here is a great story, so bear with me.

Bottom line - many of the crew of U-706 received the U-Boat badge by GWL. I find it interesting that they would all get one maker. Does that mean they got a shipment to the base from that maker - looks logical to me.

I contacted a u-boat vet based on a newspaper story. I just spent 4 days interviewing him and have over 9 hours of material. His experience was amazing - after spending all his time on 706 he was transferred to 732. On her next mission the 706 was sunk, with four survivors. The 732 tried to run Gibralter and was sunk, Max was one of 19 survivors. So many stories, I hardly know where to start. But here he is in 1942 when he got his badge, and now in 2005 with me. He had MANY photos and many of them were studio shots of the crew. We sat down with Gordon Williamson for coffee one day. Gordon said he has never seen such clear photos of the badge to the point he could ID the maker without a question. And all the guys on the boat had - GWL.


IPB Image


IPB Image


IPB Image

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