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Spahis unit badges

Paul L Murphy

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When browsing through the French forum I was surprised to find that we had no thread dedicated to the various unit badges of the Spahis cavalry regiments. Given how attractive these are (as well as being scarce in some cases) I decided to rectify that so here we go .......

We will start with the 1st Algerian Spahis Regiment. First up is the version of their unit badge that was worn by them between 1951-56.

After 1956 until they were disbanded in 1964 they wore the following style badge : -

The 2nd Algerian Spahis Regiment wore the following badge from 1939 until 1945. This is a pretty scarce one to find.

In 1945 they adopted this badge :

and kept it in use until 1952.

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The 3rd Algerian Spahis kept the same design from 1936 until they were disbanded. Here are two versions of it.

Next up is the insignia of the 4th Tunisian Spahis Regiment. They kept the same design for many years and it is the maker marks which allow you to date it. This is a Drago piece from the late 1950s.

Connected with the 4 RST is the Corps de Spahis de l'Oudjak. This is one of their insignia from 1938.

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The 5th Algerian Spahis Regiment used the following insignia from 1956 - 1958

In 1958 they switched to the following insignia.

The 6th Algerian Spahis used the following insignia from 1939 and it is quite a scarce badge : -

In 1951 they adopted the following attractive badge

The 7th Algerian Spahis Regiment created the following badge in 1938

The Escadron Autonome de Marche de Spahis Algeriens was created in 1947, and disbanded in 1949. It was drawn from the 7 RSA and used to suppress an insurrection in Madagascar in 1947. This is their scarce badge

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The 8th Algerian Spahis adopted the following badge in 1945 but were disbanded shortly afterwards. Hence it is a very scarce badge

The 8 RSA were reformed in 1948 and adopted the following badge

Unfortunately I do not yet have any of the badges of the 9th Algerian Spahis. The 10th Algerian Spahis adopted the following badge in 1957 (actually the 10th Groupe d'Escadrons de Spahis Algeriens).

I hope you enjoyed these. If there is interest I will post the badges I have from the Moroccan Spahis regiments later on.

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