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Hauptmann Hans Rehfus.

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After seeing, bidding and winning what turned out to be a very inexpensive group of documents on ebay, I received all but one, of the following, from the seller.

What we have, in essence, are the documents pertaining to the beginning and end of a career ?Luftwaffe? officer?s service, one Hauptmann Hans Rehfus late of Kampfgeschwader 6.

As will be seen, these documents only cover his entry into the Reichsheer, his driving licence (obtained from another source), officer training, congratulatory letter for the lifesaving medal, then nothing until his disappearance in Sicily in 1943 during an attack on the city of Syrakus.

The documents from this point are replies from various organizations, both military and civil, to inquiries made by the officer?s wife as to the status of her husband. Most of the advice is that she should be patient as POW reports, coming form the allies, would be delayed due to the ?situation? in the area.

The most telling information comes in the form of a telegram from the commander of 1. Gruppe KG 6, Maj Helmut Fuhrhop, where he states that Hauptmann Rehfus failed to return from the raid? and the letter from the Red Cross where they say that the names of the crew were submitted to Geneva but were not on any POW listings.

I?ve started the research on this officer, luckily came across his drivers licence?so at least we have a photograph.

Any help would be much appreciated in filling in the blanks.

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With many thanks to Rick, we can update this officer's history.

We now have his date of promotion to 'Hptm' ... 01.12.42

+ the date of his Honour Goblet (Ehrenpokal) ... 03.08.42

At this time he was listed as a 'Beobachter' (Observer).

Seeing that Rehfus was the pilot at the time of his disappearance, and having a list of the crew which includes an observer, I think we can safely say that Rehfus was a pilot/observer.

The research continues..

KG 6 emblems.

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The 1 October 1939 4 Years Service Medal bestowal is a perfect example of the "in process" paperwork that halted with the outbreak of the war. I have seen bestowal paperwork into 1940 but ONLY for time that ceased being counted in 1939, after which awards were suspended for the duration.

The document was signed by General der Flieger (1 January 1939) Waldemar "Klepke" (born 6 October 1882 Bromberf, "died" 5 May 1945 Berchtesgaden)--

served in the army 1903-1934, then Luftwaffe to 1st retirement 1 April 1939. z.V. 26 August 1939 for the upcoming war and finally re-retired 31 May 1943.

He was Higher Flyer-Training Commander 3 from 26 August 1939 to 31 May 1943, receiving KVKs 1 & 2 with Swords.

His death may have been natural, but the timing is... interesting!

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