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Does anyone have info on a military document "Führungszeugnis"? Somehow translates as a "conduct certificate" or "leadership certificate"... Google searches turn up mostly modern usage - a certificate from the police on criminal record (or lack thereof). I have also found some TR references to such documents issued to soldiers, but very little on Imperial usage. I have seen a few with a time period pre-WWI, but haven't seen anything that dates such a document during the First World War. (Yes, posting on Christmas - teenagers still asleep! and wife chased me out of the kitchen!)

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the most comman imperial ones were the prewar ones given to the guys showing their national service. These can often be found in older guys Militär passes. There are also ones given out at the end of the war, but this seems to have depended on the unit.

prewar ones just have the regiment and if he was a good boy. end of war ones have where he served/fought and awards and transfers.

Basically they are mostly a form of discharge paper with rough details of service.



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Thanks, Chris; I thought you would have a good answer. :catjava:

I was pondering picking up a pre-war example to an artillery regiment. Another way to expand the regimental collection.

(By the way, I received a nice Militarpass to an artilleryman in the mail recently. He started in a Feld-Artillerie Regiment before the war; looks like he was discharged to the reserves and then mobilized and spent the war in a Fuss-Artillerie Regiment. EKII and list of battles on the Western Front.)

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