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Marina de Guerra Revolucionaria hat

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:Cat-Scratch: Is the space behind "FAR" colored black to make it look as if that is pierced against the cap band? Have you seen others with band-colored backgrounds?

The "militant pastry chef" cadet tunics are quite odd looking!

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According to wiki (:unsure:):

Revolutionary Navy (Marina de Guerra Revolucionaria, MGR)

In 1998, according to a CIA report, the navy had no functioning submarines, around 12 surface vessels that were combat ready, a 'weak' anti-surface warfare capability, primarily SS-N-2 Styx SSM equipped fast attack boats, and an 'extremely weak' anti-submarine warfare capability.

By 2007 the Navy was assessed as being 3,000 strong (including up to 550+ Navy Infantry) by the IISS with six Osa-II and one Pauk-class fast attack craft.

Almost all of the ships of the Navy have been decommissioned and the three Koni class frigates were either expended as targets or sunk to build reefs. Cuba has constructed rolling platforms with Soviet P-15 Termit missile batteries taken from its warships and placed them near beaches where hostile amphibious assaults may occur. Most patrol boats are non-operational due to lack of fuel and spares.

The Navy also includes a small marine battalion called the Desembarco de Granma. It once numbered 550 men though its present size is not known.

There are reports of new naval projects under the Raul Castro government, including the building of a class of 4 enlarged Sang-O submarines with the help of North Koreans, with reports that at least one unit having been built. There is also a single picture of a small black native submarine in Avana harbour, it is rumored to be called Delfin and to be armed with two torpedoes.

The Cuban Navy are also rebuilding one, maybe two large ex-Spanish fishing boats. One, the Rio Damuji n° 390, has been seen with guns and Stynx missles on the deck. These vessels are larger than the Koni class, and it is rumored that they can be used in the amphibious role or as frigates.

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Is the space behind "FAR" colored black to make it look as if that is pierced against the cap band? Have you seen others with band-colored backgrounds?

The "militant pastry chef" cadet tunics are quite odd looking!

the FAR badge is really pierced to the cap band and black band colour identify Navy and Air Force hat (that is dark blue like this http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=29430)

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