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1980-88 Iraqi- Iranian War Wound Medals


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1980-1988 Iraqi-Iranian War Wound Medal is different (earlier) from the regular type in the following:

The medal on the left is the different (earlier) type of medal.

1- larger Arabic letter (Jhim) on the obverse side.

2- larger hanging ring.

3- different red colors for the medal (lighter) and for the ribbon (darker).

4- different surface (smooth) instead of (pebbled) on the reverse side.

5- different hanging pin on the reverse of the ribbon.

The different medal was the first type of wound medal which was used in the early 1980's while the regular type was used later.

This information came from my friend in Iraq who I have been doing business with for 9 years now. The records for much of the Iraqi Laws on military items has been lost, looted or destroyed and it wasn't a good idea to be asking questions during Saddam's reign.


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Bob, I hope this helps! Owain

No. (33) Year 1983


Wounded Medal

First Article - This medal (wounded medal) is awarded to all military officers and commanders and those issuing orders wounded in battle whilst correctly carrying out their orders.

Second Article - This medal is awarded or withdrawn by the President of the Republic.

Third Article 1 - The decoration is spear shaped, 3cm in length and 3cm in width and bears a five-pointed star with arms of 1.5cm in length. In the centre a crescent and the letter “Jim” in Kufic script.

2 - The decoration is red with a gold star. The crescent is on a white background with the letter “Jim” in green.

3 - The medal is linked to a ribbon 1.5 cm long and wide, being divided into three equal divisions – to the sides red and in the middle white.

Fourth Article - The medal is worn on the right side next to other orders and medals.

Fifth Article - This law is enacted with effect from 4/9/1980.

Sixth Article - This law will be published in the Official Gazette.

Saddam Hussain

President of the Revolutionary Command Council


Published in the Iraqi Official Gazette Number 2934 of 18/4/1983

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