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I. G. S. C. C. P. Inspectoratul De Meterologie / weights & Measures

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Strange looking title I know, it caught my eye, tossed on the floor of the expostion centre

where the Collector's Fair was being held in Brasov on Saturday 06.02.2010.

Some of the "poorer" dealers can't aford the price of a table so lay their wares out on the floor in a corner.

Apparantly it authorises the owner to officially weigh and measure produce,

Name: Tovarisch Tutunea Verona

Born: 5. 07. 1922

Commune: TECNA Judet: TECUCI (County)

Identity Papers series: "P"

No: 129457

Issued in: Mil. Ploiesn (?)

On the basis of Examination on: 24. 05.1971.

I J C C P Ph.

Date of Issue: 28 V. 1971.

Serial Number: 00117

Re-issued: 09. 07. 1975.

Size of the booklet: 8,5cm X 12cm

Kevin in Deva. :cheers:

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The real interesting piece was the small picture 54mm X 84mm

enclosed inside the booklet, which appears to show Miss Verona Tutunea

standing in front of a Romanian I.A.R. 80 Fighter Aircraft.

A rare bird indeed as none survived very long immediate post WW2.

Coincidently, during the war the I.A.R. 80 was manufactured in Brasov,

along with a licenced Romanian version of the Messerchmidt 109.

Kevin in Deva. :cheers:

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