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Hero and labour Hero of the Mongolian People's republic

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I underbid on the hero star recently sold at the Morton & Eden auction. 12k GBP (excl. fees for the auction house) was not an unfair price but more than I was willing to spend.

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Here some documents apparently belonging to a Mongolian Hero (General Dorj) - documents supposedly intended to keep track of the money the receiver gets each month.








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Yes, I did. I jumped on that one.

There's another one out there for sale, not that much more expensive. PM me if you want it.

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Attached something that just arrived in my hands: Hero of Mongolia Gold Star nr 14

Unfortunately the name of the recipient is not listed in Urnukh's book but I believe I've narrowed it down to 3 possibilities. Hoping to nail this down further in coming weeks/months/years?

It took 10+ years of patience to fill this gap in my collection - a few more to go!

Pics not great quality - need a new phone.


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On 22/07/2019 at 04:56, fjcp said:

Congrats Bob!

Wonderful addition. The blue book help at all with narrowing down the suspect?


Based on Urnukh's book and public lists I believe I've been able to narrow it down to 3 possible names (am assuming that it was awarded as it's part of the first batch of 20 produced and more were ordered). Given the very good condition, my hypothesis is pointing towards one name in particular and that is further reinforced by what appears to be in the big blue book full of awardees (i.e. that the other two options both passed away in 1939 and were awarded the Hero title posthumously if not mistaken without the gold star). If I am correct, the person who was awarded will be very easy to research and it will be an interesting one: German Titov (Soviet Cosmonaut). All it is right now is an educated guess though. If anybody here has access to German Titov's family members that would possibly enable me to validate the nr.

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With the current economic environment there is lot of items appearing as trees get shaken.

Here is what just came into my hands - hero star with serial nr 20

assuming it is not an unawarded bank escapee (condition plus the high cost of such item for the mongolian government to reorder probably means it is not), my hunch is it was awarded to either of these two soviet cosmonauts:

  • Nikolaev, Andrian Grigorevitsh, Gen-Major Aviation, 31.5.1965
  • Beljaev, Pavel Ivanovitsh, Col, 1967
will require patience to confirm377E19AB-C148-48CB-968D-B23BD1E1C8FE.thumb.jpeg.e35f85793a6acbb1fa916f6d18bd605e.jpeg44BEA77A-A160-41D8-82BD-976C9AED769D.thumb.jpeg.fb1950c072e6b32db8053f4fe174291d.jpegF100E936-B93D-447B-AEEE-61CDD4D0A0F9.thumb.jpeg.85251e12757e7ed1dec459fa1581d512.jpeg3C2A2972-2AD3-4904-B64D-636E92A5DEC9.thumb.jpeg.2e7dc798bddff4bbc6f0454704926798.jpegD0B1A5C6-B05D-406B-B68E-828F1208757D.thumb.jpeg.602de9886d4aa0d3fcbc3b4f086c75ca.jpeg


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12 hours ago, fjcp said:

Well......now that is exciting!!!!

Glad somebody recognized it! And not surprised it's you! :)


Been rather quiet here and thought this would breath some life back into things.


I'm overloaded with work but will try to get some more details posted today or tomorrow.


I was keeping my fingers crossed for 10+ years to perhaps still get an SB brass ribbon. Well, that hasn't materialized (yet) but to have this one 'appear' is a very exciting surprise.

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Alright, some free time on my hands.


So obviously this is a rare brass ribbon for the Hero of Mongolian People’s Republic. The brass ribbons were issues from 1944-1961. The Hero brass ribbon (35x12mm) is slightly longer than the regular brass ribbons (29x12mm) which in itself are also not so regular as increasingly difficult to find.


Based on the known nr of Hero stars awarded pre conversion to cloth ribbons, perhaps max. 10 people received a brass ribbon. There were no cloth ribbons for the Hero Star in fact as the expectation was that the Hero Star itself would be worn. 


Supposedly the brass ribbon shown above belonged to Gongor Shagdar - the first Hero of MPR (29th January, 1936), awarded for fighting back against the Japanese during an armed clash in 1936. My guess is that he was originally awarded a Badge of the Hero and later (1941) this was converted to a Hero Star.


More info on this: Who is the first recipient of the Hero of Mongolia medal? – Mongolia FAQ

"The first recipient was sergeant Gongor from the Border Guards. On January 28th, 1936 Sergeant Gongor was stationed at the border of Mongolia. He saw 10 Japanese soldiers on horses galloping in his direction. He told one of his soldiers to ride to HQ and inform his superiors, the second soldier to take the horses and hide. As a crack shot he was able to shoot and kill nine of the intruders.


On February of the same year, 500 soldiers from the Japanese Kwantung Army in 20 trucks, with forty light machine guns tried to enter the border again. Around hundred Mongolian border guards were able to repel the attacks. This was fully three years before a full scale Khalkhyn Gol War of 1939. For his bravery, Gongor was given the first Hero of MPRP medal. Among the people he was affectionately called Gongor baatar (hero)."


From that site also attached a cartoon about Gongor.


 In Urnukh's blue bible there are some photographs of people wearing a brass Hero ribbon (e.g. Gongor himself on page 22, again on page 26 Gongor but then with the Hero Star and on page 255 Choibalsan is visibly wearing his 2 brass Hero Star ribbons).


Here is another pic of Gongor but no brass ribbon: ·        Photo Gallery of Khalkin Gol Badge Cavaliers - Page 4 - People's Republic Mongolia - Gentleman's Military Interest Club (gmic.co.uk)


I will also attach a photograph of Gongor wearing his brass Hero Star ribbon while seated among several 1921 partisans. The photograph seems to indicate a lot of respect by Gongor as he's listening to the Partisans. Gongor is the second person from the left. To HIS left is somebody with a Hero of Labour + several brass ribbons. In front of Gongor is somebody with a Partisan badge, a Khalkhin Gol badge and several brass ribbons. More veterans with Partisan badges on the right side of the picture.


I did write "supposedly" the ribbon belonged to Gongor. There is no documentation of this, however there is some hope in verifying this through some other means which I may be able to share at a later stage.



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NumisBids: Katz Coins Notes & Supplies Corp. E-Auction 21, Lot 1636 : Mongolia The Order of Hero Markers marked 'VM' for Vincent Mayer of...


Deal of the century (assuming the item is real), and unfortunately missed it. Quite a few Mongolian Hero Stars came up for auction during the past 2 years. Amazing how the auction house messed up the description on Hero Star nr 40.

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