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Hero and labour Hero of the Mongolian People's republic

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Old news but still nice:)



President Elbegdorj confers war veteran a title of “Hero of the state”

By the Decree of President of Mongolia, Tsakhia Elbegdorj, veterans of Khalkhyn Gol war (1939) were awarded with honorary titles and medals. Among them was Gungaa Dugaryn, veteran of 1939 Khalkhyn Gol battle, World War II, and 1944, 1947 battles of Western province, whom President Elbegdorj awarded with Hero of the State title, Order of Sukhbaatar, and “Golden Star” medal for his courage and selfless service to his country.

Order of Sukhbaatar was awarded to veterans, Damdinjav Tsagaany, Unenbat Jigmedyn, Suren Nyamyn; Order of Red Banner of Military Merit was awarded to veterans, Nyam Dendevyn, Jamyan Damirangyn, Tseveldorj Sodnomyn, Tsookhuu Sharkhuugyn, Genden Tamjidyn, Ayurzana Buniagyn; Order of Military Merit was awarded to veterans Laagan Ochiryn, Luvsanbazar Damdingyn, Sanjaa Shagdaryn, Demberel Doljingyn, Lkhamjav Surengyn, Naran Munkh-Ochiryn, Sumiya Ognongyn.

When addressing veterans, who fought for Mongolia’s independence and freedom, President Elbegdorj drew an example from the personal history of newly-awarded Hero of the State, Gungaa Dugaryn. He said “D. Gungaa is the pioneer and the leader of our courageous falcons, who fought for our country. In September 1939, in merely a month’s period, he carried out 158 battle flights, a number which counts as one the highest records set by combat pilots in the world warfare history. Moreover, he is one of the first combat pilots to fight in battles of western province, and a heroic patriot who put an end to the military confrontation with the Guomingdang force. Each and every one of you is a great hero, same as D.Gungaa, and your devotion, and patriotism will be remembered by our future generations and by the Government of Mongolia.”

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Here is my Golden Soyombo #419

made in Mongolia

Thanks - very useful reference point. The numbering style looks very well aligned with 413 and 420 shown earlier in this thread. I do believe (off top of my memory) that these are post-socialist awarded ones though.

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Just in, nr 24

Soyombo's are a great deal considering their rarity when compared with prices for SB's

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Here's Soyombo nr 83.

It came with Order of SB nr 561 which I unfortunately was not able to acquire. I am still keeping my fingers crossed to get document(s) related to the recipient.

I have a strong hunch the recipient is nr 140.82 in the big blue book of awardees (page 47) - Zavkhan province herder if not mistaken?

After having it in my hands for a while it became clear that the rivets were loose (not uncommon for this award) and I gently pried it open with my fingers, getting the entire front plate (with the blue enamel) off. Turned out that the recipient had glued it back together after the rivots had been broken and it appears he put a lot of effort into cleaning up the reverse causing it to be rather shiny.


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Here you go - what's nice is the attention to detail: the flame at 12 o'clock is even detailed despite it being covered by the flame on the front disk

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Lucky me - got some scans of documents related to Soyombo nr 83

First, the Soyombo document. This gives a name and I can look up his short bio in the big blue book of award bio's. Awarding was in 1967.

Second, the award document for the SB nr 561 which the recipient received at the same time he was awarded the Soyombo. Unfortunately the actual SB order went to a different buyerfrown.gif

Third, documents for a Red Banner of Labor (3100, awarded in 1979) and a Polar Star (7860, awarded in 1976)





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The carton inserts for award boxes belonging to the Soyombo and SB (which is not in my possession) just arrived. The numbers of the awards penciled on the back.

Still hopeful of getting (eventually) some of the original award documents...

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More info on Angir Arihad, the recipient of the Hero of Labor nr 83 posted directly above and - fortunately - in my collection.

First, from the "blue bible" which contains bio's on a lot of award recipients:

Angir Arihad (born in 1932) was born at Santmargats soum, Zavhan aimag. He was bestowed the title of the Hero of Labor of the Mongolian People’s Republic when he was working as the herder of the “Bayasgalant amidral” collective farm.

Arihad has been working as the sheepherder since 1957. He has been fulfilling quotas for herds, wool and milk for many years. Arihad became the Champion herder of the Mongolian People’s Republic in 1979. He was awarded the Order of Sukhbaatar and many other awards. Arihad is an uncle of Merited worker of the Mongolian People’s Republic P. Damdinjav.

Source: Aldar Gavyatny Urguu. 2007. Ulaanbatar.

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Second, more details from the decree related to him being awarded the Gold Soyombo. Have a scan of the decree itself unfortunately in PDF and too large to upload.

This is probably very much a "classic" Soyombo recipient and it's nice to see that even (or: especially?) for relatively early awardings of the Hero of Labor title it was already considered that 'farming' is a highly appreciated activity worthy of such a high and rare award.


February 2, 1967. Number 2. Ulaanbaatar.

On bestowing the title of the Hero of Labor of the
Mongolian People’s Republic Angir Arihad

The Presidium of the People’s Great Khural of the MPR bestows the title of the Hero of Labor of the Mongolian People’s Republic and awards the Order of Sukhbaatar and Gold Soyombo Medal to Angir Arihad, a sheepherder of the collective farm “Bayasgalant Amidral” of Santmargats soum, Zavkhan aimag for outstanding labor achievements: rearing 670-782 heads of sheep with no loses during the last 3 years and over fulfilling the quotas for wool for every sheep over many years.

Chairman of the Presidium of the People’s Great Khural of the MPR J. Sambuu (Signed)

Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the People’s Great Khural of the MPR S. Bataa (Signed)

Secretary of the Presidium of the People’s Great Khural of the MPR Ts. Gotov (Signed)

Members of the Presidium N. Luvsanravdan (Signed)
Ch. Purevjav (Signed)
S. Udval (Signed)
J. Tsend-Ayush (Signed)
G. Chimid (Signed)
D. Yadamsuren (Signed)


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Some pics of an item once offered for sale to me

Compared with the Soyombo's, these get relatively little attention. Probably because the odds of ever getting one (or even just a document) are so slim.

Having some detailed scans like this is good though in case any one of us gets lucky and can get one and needs some scans for comparison!


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