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Stoker 1st Class Wilfred James Findon

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Wasn't sure if to post this in the pictures section but as this is Naval history thought it better in this forum.

My Uncle was P/KX89100 Stoker 1st Class Wilfred James Findon (Uncle Jimmy) killed in action 8th April 1940 aboard HMS Glowworm.

HMS Glowworm was part of the cover for the minelaying operation "Wilfred" (apt name as its the same as my Uncle) off the coast of Norway, when she ran into the German heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper. Lt Commander Gerard Broodmeade Roope was the skipper of Glowworm and although outgunned rammed Hipper causing enough damage to force Hipper to head to Trondheim for repair. Out of the crew 111 were killed and 39 taken prisoner.

The German Commander recommended Broodmeade Roope for the V.C. which was awarded posthumously after the end of the war.

My Uncle is on the left of this original picture. I have no idea who the other sailor is or what happened to him?

I know there was a larger picture of Jimmy in his uniform and his medals on the wall of my Grandparents house and they used to put a poppy on this picture every Remeberance Sunday.

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Thanks Brian, this is my own memorial to my Uncle. This is what I see every morning descending my staircase. I was born 20 years after my Uncles death but I know this event had a big impact on not only my Grandparents but his Siblings especially my Father who was only 14 when this happened.

Not Forgotten.sad.gif

Top middle is a copy of the Atlantic Star, bottom left is the repaired/retouched photo as shown previous, bottom right an original postcard size picture of HMS Glowworm.

I was promised by my Grandfather many years ago my Uncles medals but this never happened after my Grandfather died. I have no idea what happened to them?

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