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brought back some treasure from Kentucky...


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Hello Gentlemen

I'm back from the "show of shows" in Louisville and as some of you told me it was damn worth it to make the trip there. The only thing you have to endure (unless you have a huge wallet with you) is that you will see a lot of stuff you simply cant afford, for me it was sometimes very depressing to see all that beautiful stuff who was way out of my league. Here a picture of a sellers stand which almost make my eyes pop out...:love:

you see right there was a first, second, 3th and class Auspicious Cloud cased right in front of me on the table for sale! If I only had the money!!:banger:

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Of course I bought something for my own collection as well...

The 3th class rising sun is a pacific veteran bring-back from a marine captain which his wife sold in a yardsale after he died.

And there is a 5th class Auspicious Cloud, both medals are in perfect condition, no stains at all and cased, just how I like them.

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Hi Alex!

I could have responded much sooner than this but needed to scrape my dropped jaw from the ground, because these photos, and the items within, are just that good!

I recall a diary wisdom from long ago (and no doubt it awaits some reappearance) : you probably can't be the world's richest man, but you might become the world's happiest.

That is, when is enough, enough? When I saw Mr P Murphy's Field Marshall's badge (kindly displyed here on a previous topic), I thought I'd seen it all. However, one's eyes still wander and hopes of a lottery win still accompany us.

One other member of this club said the collecting journey never ends. I agree.

It is good, my friend, to see other (and, indeed, all) collectors have eyes bigger than their wallets.

Thanks for the photos and for the dreams they provide.

Keep well


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